First Day of School Photos

The school year rolled around pretty quick it seemed. Lots of transitions this year too! 

Sam was off to a new school; middle school, grade 7, extended French:

Josh joined the high schoolers and started grade 9. He said he has been trying to avoid his siblings at school because Zach is always trying to kiss him and Zandra is always trying to hug him! lol 

Zach headed off to grade 11 and wanted some extra poses: 

Zandra started grade 11 too. I think they have one class together this year:

Gabe was still around for the start of school here but has since headed beck to BYUI. He’s actually working this semester on campus as it’s his off track semester. He’ll officially start his 2nd year in January and do his two semesters from Jan – July like last year:

Reggie is most concerned about how his  walks are implicated. Sam used to start school later than everyone and walk him, now I think it’s up to me and he’s concerned about the consistency….

Reggie also makes the family photos a touch more complicated. Everyone was awesome though to get up to take these photos! Sam and Josh had to leave before 8, and Zach and Zandra only had to be there after 10! (Luckily Gabe worked at 8 too!) 

^^^ I was only around for when the little guys left so got these pics (and notice how annoyed Josh is stopping to turn and tell me to stop!!) 

Here’s hoping for a great school year!! 

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