Quote of the Week 

“Do more things that make you forget to check your phone”. 

At church today we had a conference for all the congregations in our area (Stake). The stake president gave an awesome talk and told a story about his lawn.

He said his lawn was beautiful when he first moved in and over time the dandelions and weeds grew. He would try to weed the lawn, pull out the dandelions on a weekly basis. But still they returned. It was frustrating. 

He noted that his next-door neighbour’s   lawn was looking quite good. He asked his neighbour what the secret was? (The neighbour had hired a lawn care company and they had told them the secret!!) 

The secret : take great care of the grass. Fertilize and water. Don’t worry about the weeds. Worry about the grass! Feed the good so it can grow stronger.

So when I saw this quote, it connected with me. The phone can be like the weed. We can keep focused on it, but it’s still there. You can tell everyone to put it away, but they are right back on it.

But if you are really busy with other things? There’s less time to be idle on your phone!

Studies (academic, spiritual, interest etc.), sports, work, service, and relationships. Busy yourself with those things and you will put down your phone. We need to focus on feeding and enriching our grass and that will take care of the weeds! 

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