Quote of the Week

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.

I think this is one of my favourite quotes, ever.

I am a HUGE planner, and I have to say, most of my plans, have fallen through! They really are completely worthless.

BUT. The ACT of planning, is everything. It helps you set priorities, goals, and find different ways to do different things. It is so helpful and helps keep you motivated and focused on what you do want to achieve. It ensures that you achieve something. The act of planning also helps you become more flexible as your brain has thought things through already and can jump into “back up plan mode ” if needed (which is usually needed).

Planning is also fun. Sometimes planning can be just as fun as doing (think travelling – planning is one of the best parts of the trip!).

So don’t be disappointed if your plans fall through. Appreciate the act of planning and the benefits it gives you along the way.


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