Rob’s Christmas Eve poem

It has become a tradition that Rob writes a poem for Christmas Eve summarizing our adventures over the year. He then reads it to us all after we’ve read a bunch of Christmas stories and done the Nativity Play.

Here is this years! We all loved it:)

Another year older and certainly a little wiser 2018 is soon to be seen

It was a year to remember, funny, twisty and curvy it’s been.

It started off on a wing and flight to the I, where Gabe landed sweet in a residence on high,
It was packing and checking and making sure he was ok
We filled his fridge and his closet with what he knew he needed for his stay

A cold wintery place we soon said goodbyes and made our way back without many cries

With snow a blowin and hearts a little swollen,
Sure enough that vomit stained Kia was a rollin

We got stuck a little on the roads but pushed on with great might

We knew we would have to catch a flight

Josh 14 and no longer so small
Soon to be 6 feet tall

Home to TO we had finally come and then a little skiing, beaver tails in the sun!

And then it was soon time to leave as it were, on a trip to the orient to a place Khmer

Landed in a place we have never been, Cambodia and mopeds oh my where to begin!

We have rice for breakfast and watch a city a break neck speed,
The traffic so crazy who would take the lead!

We found our hotel nestled in the Pen,
We were ready to see a world of beauty and zen

A spoil so royal we saw a great palace
We saw markets and pagodas and developed some callus

Then somber we went to a place that shouldn’t exist, a place so sad to make your eyes mist

Too many were lost to a crazy regime
We paid our respect and prayed for those to redeem

Then back to our travels we went to the North, to see Angkor Wat and temples so fine

The beauty and awe was worth every long line

Along the way some tasty food they say but it was spiders and scorpions and beetles we thought we have would died

Especially given the guy selling them as a little cross eyed

We went and came back and Tuk tuks we did ride

Heat and lots to try to take in, the temples so many which one had we been.

Our feet worn and our minds kind of tired
Little fish around our feet kept us quite wired

Built thatched roofs and behind an ox
We were in the dusty fields definitely without sox

To Vietnam we flew to a wonderful small town, welcome traveling group Zach Fiore

Hey what’s the story

A river of lights and a beach to see too
We saw the Japanese bridge and bought suits more than a few

With a pedal or two we saw rice fields and some birds
We had a tour guide that that an environmentalist called a turd

Then to the bay with rocks and misty beauty all day
Even in kayaks did we play

No accidents had, not even a scrape on he chin
Off to Hanoi to see the communist system of Ho Chi Min

A trip of a lifetime oh what a gift but the a bigger one in store
Something we’d hope for before

Zandra and Sam they took the plunge in a pool
An honour to see and watch them covenants make, with the Holy Ghost they had a new tool!

Now off to the summer and much fun was had
Sam and Josh two more to grad

One gone to middle the other off to minor niner
We were done with Jackman Avenue for more education even finer

Then Ecuador bound was Zach
Poor Leah couldn’t wait until he came back

But fun he did have building spirit and brick
We’re not really sure we ever saw a building pic

But helping out orphans and giving service so free
This trip was to help him become the person he can be

Miami and 12, 16’s and one 19 too, they’re all growing up, it all seems too soon
But happy as can be we’re singing the CDF tune

Of course the head two, mid forties boohoo
But they look so darn good… huh… who knew

Then back out to school but first the Outer Banks
To Hurricane Irma that dumped so much water we say thanks!

And that brings us around for another closing year
One that we know was filled with good cheer

We worked through the fall and in to some snow
Missed Gran and Sarah but are trying not to feel low

Quiet Elfie still here and playing lots of tricks
Only we wait now for Old Saint Nick’s

So with a hug and kiss we enjoy our Christmas bliss

We certainly do think of those we miss.

But Merry Christmas to all we shout out nice and clear.
We love everyone so much whether far or near.

So until next year we’ll be right here.


Rob’s Christmas Eve poem — 2 Comments

  1. Rob, you are amazing! Another year’s story so beautifully done. and yes, we did miss you at Christmastime, but know you are not far away. So many experiences you all had, so many places you saw, and so many things you did!!
    I wish you joy, peace, happiness and good health for 2018 with much love abounding in your home and in your hearts.
    With all my love, Gran xoxo

    • This is so touching and beautiful. You have been so blessed with so many great memories and adventures. I missed you and the family at Christmas. You were in my heart on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

      Love always Sarah

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