Hamburg, Germany

Rise and shine! Isn’t getting up at 4:30 in the morning what you want to do on vacation? It seems many of our vacations include that!

We were up early, as we had to catch an early flight to Hamburg, Germany, where my Grandmother was born. I was really excited to go, so getting up wasn’t so bad; Zach and Zandra are pretty non-complainy kids (except when Zach complains that we all walk to slow for him), so all was well.


We landed in Hamburg, and were greeted by my grandmother’s cousin’s son. So what does that make him to me? Not really sure (I will find out, but I’m too tired to think!) but, family!

He took us to his home where his wife had prepared a beautiful, traditional German brunch – much like I remember having at Granny and Papa’s: meats, cheese, different breads, fruit, hard boiled eggs and pastry. I had been reminiscing in the morning with Zach (he tolerated my walk down memory lane) and telling him how I always sat with Papa, and he would always give me a faint nod when he knew I was done eating (for whatever reason – but I was often a picky eater) and then wiggle his ears to make me laugh. He always let me have dessert (because your stomach has a separate compartment for it…)

Anyhow, Thomas’s son and grandson (a cutie) also joined us, along with his sister, Sabina. We had a lovely visit, before heading out to the Ohlsdorf cemetery where the Wohlwill and some Warburg family plots were. I was sad to hear that the plot of Momi (my great grandmother Helene Danckwardt, as well as Granny’s sister Anneliese Danckwardt no longer had a stone, nbut apparently are still buried there (??) I was especially sad as I know that Granny had so carefully preserved her history for us, and I had spent years talking to my kids about that history. I was excited (I know, it sounds strange) to see the graves of Momi and Anneliese.

Anneliese had passed away in the summer of 1935. Granny writes, “Anneliese had been working in various positions in the childcare field. Before she died she was in a holiday home for children in Bavaria. That is where she became ill with strep throat, and it got out of control….there was a cremation and she was buried in Hamburg, in the Wohlwill family plot in Ohlsdorf Cemetery “

I am prone to strep throat, and I remember falling very ill with it in the winter of 2007. So ill, that I had to pull over on the side of a highway and call for an ambulance. But of course, in this day and age, it is easily treated. I remember my Grandmother calling me; she always called me when she heard I had strep throat, but this time was particularly concerned that I was not taking care of myself (I was a single mom with my two young boys). Zach is also a strep magnet, so Granny was always concerned. My kids know very well the story of Anneliese, and we have all talked about how a simple illness, one that we have had so often in our house, could take such a young life.

Momi, is a name that was often heard in my house growing up and I have talked frequently about the stories I heard about her. My mother was very close to her, and what little German she speaks, she learned from Momi.

So not to see the stones for Momi and Anneliese was sad for me:( But, “Do not stand at the grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep…” They are there in spirit…

The cemetery itself is simply beautiful, so I was happy to have a chance to see the grounds and feel that peaceful feeling, and still see some family plots.



IMG_7535 IMG_7547


These guys were troopers:


IMG_9003 IMG_9002

We got one picture as a group:


Following the cemetery walk, we headed to Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, which was super cool:


Everything is miniature -countries from around the world. It goes dark every 15 minutes.  There is an airport and everything!

IMG_7560IMG_7592 IMG_7561 IMG_7566 IMG_7575 IMG_7577 IMG_7581 IMG_7587

IMG_7567 IMG_7573

We then walked the port:


Thomas also drove us around the port for a bit, then took us to see “Wohlwill Strasse” (Wohlwill was my great grandmothers surname):

IMG_7609 DSC06574

By then ,we were completely exhausted! We headed in for a nap and Zach wanted to watch the soccer game too.

We squeezed in an awesome traditional dinner at “Old Commercial Room”, where we tried the famous Labskaus, and then we had some mains: schnitzel for me, fish for Zach and Rob, and curry for Zandra.

DSC06579 DSC06582IMG_8018 IMG_8019

It was so delicious! We laughed so hard at the portion size of my plate and Zach’s!

IMG_8021 IMG_8022

We raced back to the hotel so Zach could watch more soccer and the rest of us just chilled! What a great day!

IMG_8023 DSC06586


Stories of a Family

Just to warn you, these next few posts may be long as in addition to our travel log, I need to include some family history:)

One of the reasons I even started blogging was the last conversation I ever had with my Grandmother, Erika Danckwardt Busing right before she passed away. Granny was always a curious and interested Grandmother. She always asked many questions and listened to every detail. After years of stories we shared, she turned to me and said, “You need to write. You need to record your stories and share those adventures so that you always have them.” She died a few weeks later.

I had always kept a personal journal (and still do sometimes), but started to blog privately at first, shortly after Granny passed. I took this blog public in 2011 to share more with friends and family who were interested in our adventures and have never looked back. Sure, I have weeks of nothingness to record, but I try to at least keep up with the bigger stuff. I am a huge advocate for writing (as most of my clients know). I love the saying, “I write, so I know what I think”. It helps me make sense of things.

I also write because it helps me preserve the memories, the feelings, the thin moments. I write so that I can capture all the moments that would be forgotten.

I write because I want to share with my family, most importantly, my kids. I want them to have a place to go to read about their growing up and one day to share with their children.

I write because Granny told me to write.

Granny herself was a huge record keeper. She kept letters, and mementos. She wrote her history, first for her children, then one for her grandchildren. Then, in 2004,my cousin Jocelyn, who had spent hours and hours and hours listening to Granny and recording Granny’s adventures and history, along with all the letters and mementos Granny had kept, complied an amazing book called, “Journeys Through the Century: Stories of a Family”. She is an incredible writer and the book is simply amazing to read.


I read this book myself when I first received it. I read the book to my kids back in 2010, shortly after Granny had passed away. I read this book in preparation for this trip to her first home country.

I have read this book in the past few days in detail, reading out loud as we drove, or rested in the hotel room and marvelling at what we read, then actually going and trying to find what she talked about and seeing if I could retrace some of her steps… (luckily, with the help of some aunts, along with the book, we were able to find quite a few things).

For example, (Granny speaking about schooling): ” And I enjoyed it even more when I was older, when I switched to another school called Ernestinenschule.” I was excited to find the school:



DSC06694DSC06686 DSC06693 DSC06697 DSC06699

Or, “My parents went regularly into Lubeck, taking one of the horse drawn carriages. And when we were allowed to go shopping with them, we would end up at Niederegger for cake. That was the crowning glory of the outing”.

Our first stop in Lubeck:


DSC06594DSC06619DSC06611 DSC06614IMG_8030 IMG_8034 IMG_8036 IMG_8037

I loved being able to actually see the places I visualized and heard about. I am so grateful that she was a writer, a story teller and a recorder. I love that my grandfather was an avid photographer, and I think of him every time I see Zach pull out his camera, as he reminds me so much of my Papa who took “rolls and rolls” of film with every visit.

DSC06251 DSC06214

I love that Zach is also a recorder. I gave him a travel journal 4 years ago and he keeps meticulous records of his travels. His journal looks very well used because it survived the flood in Fiji (and because he takes it on all his adventures). Both our journals:


He’s been doing a lot of writing on this trip:



He even fell asleep:


Over the past several days,I found myself getting a little teary at times, as I’ve been reading, recording and experiencing.

I came across the final pages in “Granny’s book” as we call it, and found this poem. Granny, was also an artist, and a poet. She always wrote poems for each family on New Year’s (much like Rob does for our family at Christmas), and loved to paint with water colour (we have one of her paintings hanging inout living room). This poem, to me, represents her so well: her kindness, her compassion, her commitment to humanity and especially her family; her struggles and her gratitude. She wrote it for their 40th wedding anniversary on April 30, 1978 (coincidentally, April 30th was not only their anniversary, but my grandfather’s birthday, as well as the day my grandparents met and had their first dinner (sly guy, my Papa, used his birthday as a way to get her to go for dinner):

To you who walked with us on this long road

as we tried to share our home with the homeless

our riches in love and friendship, sustained by

our Faith, with many, exiled from their country

of birth…


To you whom we met on the way,

who stilled our thirst for friendship and support,

perception and understanding of the new land,

its beauty and its ugliness, its isolation and 

scattered resources in intellectual and spiritual wealth…


To all of you as we shared the joys and also

the sorrows of life,

gathering at Church and in each other’s homes many 



And to you, our children, as we look back on

countless events, happy and sad ones, that you

and we shared in this closest of all human relations,

the family,

ups and downs in growing up, moving from city to country

and back again from the hills and the woods,

the lakes and the fields to the streets of the towns

and cities,

through sickness and health, happy holidays, and farewells,

Wedding bells and reunions…


And to you, the new generation, still children

with the future unknown, full of promise,

lovingly surrounded by parents and grandparents…


To all of you we say “Thank you” for being with us 

today on our fortieth Wedding Anniversary.

April 30, 1978 ( I was only 6 years old, and had just recently become my Papa’s “Kindergarten girl – plus 1”)


I remember sitting at my Grandfather’s funeral in 1994. Granny looked around the room: her 6 children and their spouses (one in Spirit only as he had passed several years earlier), their 15 grandchildren, many with spouses and significant others, and great grandchildren shortly on their way, and marvelled at how THIS was their legacy. They fled their home country and their families in search of a better (safer life); fleeing to an unfamiliar city and country, learning and speaking a second language, living in one room. They started with nothing, and here we were surrounded by huge, loving, highly spirited family.

The family has expanded with more and more spouses and great grandchildren (28 now, including my own!!)

That is the legacy I want to leave.

That is why coming to Germany is so special, and I’m so glad to share it with Rob, Zach and Zandra.



Last Day in Paris

So I know that whizzing through some cities at record speed is not everyone’s cup of tea.

And while I would love to leisurely stroll through the streets and spend weeks soaking in the culture, we work with what we have. And that was 3 days in Paris.


And boy, did we use those 3 days!

On day 3, we slept in a little (8am – our poor teenagers) and went early to catch the Musee De L’Orangerie open. I have to say, it was pretty cool being in Monet’s water lily room pretty much on our own. We got to enjoy this lovely museum with no crowds. I like how little it is too; it’s not overwhelming like many others.

IMG_7861DSC06421 DSC06420 DSC06419

After the museum we took a long walk through the streets of Paris, stopping for breakfast along the way (which we ate so quickly because we were so hungry that I didn’t get a picture!) until we got to the Catacombs.

Luckily I had booked online, as the line up was insane!

The Catacombs were super cool.

IMG_7439DSC06442 DSC06456


There were all these quotes throughout as well that were pretty cool. ^^^

DSC06458 DSC06460 DSC06459


We then strolled back stopping in Jardin Luxemburg and rested.

IMG_7452DSC06470 DSC06475DSC06473DSC06477



Zach and I got into a fight about using a selfie stick. It’s embarrassing. But, he does realize, between me living to embarrass him and then living to take pictures and record events, he ended up just giving in and leaving me alone about it. So, I got to use it (and got some pretty great pictures with it too! Including this one:)


We made our way to Cosi for lunch and had a nice rest and sandwich there. The boys played a little game at the table, which quickly got too rambuncous!


We made our day to Notre Dame, but the Cathedral was closed. Very disappointing.

IMG_7882DSC06484 DSC06479DSC06486


We went for ice cream across the way (very enjoyable – felt like we were in Italy!), and then headed to Saint Chappelle for the spectacular stained glass!



DSC06488IMG_7889 IMG_7890

Saint Chappelle:


IMG_7899 IMG_7902IMG_7909 IMG_7918

We caught a cab home (we were dead) and had a nap for a couple of hours. We were all exhausted!!

Despite being sore and tired, we headed back out to the Champs de L’Elysees, where we had a nice little dinner and then wandered around.

IMG_8926 IMG_8930


IMG_8968 IMG_8969

Zandra got to check our Sephora, Zach went to the soccer stores and Rob visited a few car dealers!

DSC06518 DSC06521DSC06527

Zach was super excited that there was wifi on the ENTIRE street! ^^^

Our last stop (but not least) was up to the Arc de Triomphe. Spectacular right at Sunset.

DSC06529 DSC06532

IMG_7955 IMG_7953

We climbed up and got some great views:

IMG_7496DSC06544DSC06545 DSC06547

We tried a few selfies:

DSC06550 DSC06554 DSC06555

Then Zach succumbed to my using the selfie stick, and the real fun began:

IMG_8973 IMG_8974IMG_8976 IMG_8989 IMG_8990

I captured one of my fave pics so far:


And Rob captured some of the fun:

IMG_7973 IMG_7974 IMG_7977

We made our souvenir coins:


The walk home was pretty with all the lights, but we were dead on arrival at the hotel.



We had to pack up, hop in bed, snapchat (of course) and get ready for our 4:30 am wake up call!

Au revoir Paris! You have been good to us.



Paris, Day 2

We sure know how to pack it all in. 29,000 steps and we also took the train and the metro several times!

We got up really early this morning as we knew we had a busy day ahead of us.

We had breakfast at the hotel, where they had the most delicious bread (and then gave us croissants, and pain au chocolat to go as we had missed them!).

We found our way to the RER station where we headed to Versailles to be there when it opened.

DSC06296IMG_7343 IMG_7346 IMG_7336IMG_7324 IMG_7322

We wandered the chateau and stopped for some hot chocolate at Angelines. It was super rich – really too rich for our taste! We then went out to the Gardens.

DSC06321 DSC06311

DSC06336 DSC06335 DSC06332 DSC06327 DSC06324IMG_7351IMG_8894 IMG_8895

Both Rob and I would have liked to explore the gardens more thoroughly, but the kids didn’t and then reminded us that it was their trip, so we gave in (sadly) and headed back to Paris.

We made our way to Sacre Coeur Basilica and took in the view and rested on the steps a bit to eat our croissants.

DSC06342 DSC06353IMG_8897DSC06357 DSC06354 DSC06345

We shopped a bit in the little area, and then headed to the first museum of the day: Musee D’Orsay.

DSC06358 DSC06370DSC06361 DSC06364 DSC06371



Housed in an old train station, it was pretty cool and beautiful. Thanks to Rick Steves, who gives amazing travel guides for cities and even museums, we went to all the “must sees”.

We were exhausted! We made our way to a little Café, called “Antiquaires” and had a really nice meal of escargots (for Zach, he wanted to try), duck and steak. It was really quite good! But the rest was so welcome, and the conversation at dinner was hilarious ( and the reason we do these trips!)

IMG_8884 IMG_8889 IMG_8888


IMG_8881 IMG_8885

After dinner, we headed to the Louvre (it was open late tonight) where we again, followed the superb Rick Steves “must see Louvre” guide and followed it to a tee….which of course captured the Mona Lisa.

DSC06380 DSC06388IMG_7396IMG_7387DSC06408DSC06393 DSC06390 DSC06400 DSC06397DSC06376 DSC06386

We were literally dying after all that, so headed back to the hotel for a good long rest.


We took a quick walk to see some Paris lights, then headed home for the night!

IMG_7406 IMG_7414

Paris – Day 1


We landed in Paris after our 7 hour flight feeling a little fuzzy and tired.

Of course, when you travel, you have to make use of every second, so we had a full day of sightseeing.

We made it to our hotel called, “Hotel Palais Bourbon” and luckily they allowed us to check in right away. We quickly changed, refreshed and headed out.

We stopped at the bakery/cheese store that’s right beside us and got some baguettes and cheese and then wandered down to the Tuleries gardens where we had our first picnic with nice views of the Eiffel Tower.

IMG_8861DSC06155 DSC06158 DSC06159


For the Euro games, they had a temporary ferris wheel, which we rode and had great views of the city.


IMG_8834 IMG_8840 IMG_8863

IMG_8875IMG_7223 IMG_7217 IMG_7214

We then wandered the park a bit more, picked up our museum passes and walked to our meeting stop for our first tour. Of course, along the way, we came across “Angeline’s” and took a macaroon and Mont Blanc to go.


Our tour was on a air conditioned coach (this wasn’t the part of the tour I was keen on, but we had to take is as the other tours were sold out) and it ended up being a great way to get an overview of the city, and catch up on a few winksJ

IMG_7194 IMG_7228 IMG_7239

We then visited the Eiffel Tower (skipped the lines – the main reason I booked the tour) and that was awesome. The heat was pretty intense though, and the lines are everywhere, but we took in the views.


DSC06167 DSC06177 DSC06180

DSC06215 DSC06221 DSC06236 DSC06244

IMG_7295 IMG_7246 IMG_7243 IMG_7257




Next up was a cruise along the Seine, where we saw Paris by the water. But again, we were all a little tired so ended up having little snoozes:)

DSC06277 DSC06278 DSC06282


Finally, we walked to a great little restaurant that I read about: where they simply serve steak and frites. What an awesome meal it was.



We wandered back to the hotel (got side tracked with a street con that I won’t go into detail about…) and marveled at how lively the city was at dusk. Rob was on the phone on a daily call as he wandered with us, so still able to enjoy the view while working.

IMG_8853 IMG_8854 IMG_8855IMG_8857 IMG_8856IMG_8860

By night, we were all pooped – jet lag kicked in, wifi was spotty and but we caught up with some communications….

Here we go…

It was around this age (8ish) when these two cuties decided where they wanted to go for their “15 trip” (It was a 16 trip, but we changed that to accommodate summer planning):

IMG_6505 IMG_5349

Zandra had her heart set on Paris and every night for months and months (and year and years) we would do our good night routine and then decide where we would meet in our dreams. Paris was a consistent meeting place for us. We talked of the food, the lights, the Eiffel tower, the shopping, the dream of Paris.

Zach was pretty clear he wanted to go to Berlin. A boy who identifies strongly with family, he wanted to explore where some of his family roots originated and catch a glimpse of perhaps where his organizational skills and directness comes from (because we pretty much know it’s heavily influenced by the Busing genes in him:)

They negotiated to go together several years later, and ensured that because they were together they would get a little extra time.

Hamburg (and Lubeck) was added, as that is the other German city where my beloved grandmother was born and spent most of her young years and I couldn’t pass up the chance to see where it all started.

And of course, Prague was added because I always like to add a “little extra” to everything:)) See – good policy, “Do more to get  a four” has always been our mantra for school work, and I like to practice what I preach. Always a little more….

And TODAY is the day.

I love to plan for trips and we always have some simmering away. But when the day actually comes, I marvel at how quickly it got there and how I can’t believe we are leaving. TODAY!

When we chose these spots, the kids would be DOUBLE the age they were when they chose, so it seemed like it would be forever until it would happen. The days are really long, and the years are really short, because in a blink we are here.

Finalizing our carry on bags. Packing our snacks. Checking that we haven’t forgotten anything. We head out to the airport later this afternoon, and I know from there the camera will come out so I can document every moment to help solidify all those incredible memories I know we will be making….

See you in Paris!


Happy Birthday Robbie!

I can’t let this day pass without saying Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband in the universe!


Life has been pretty crazy around here. Rob has been working a ton with his new job – although it is all good as it is challenging and rewarding and he is feeling that there is work to be done, and he’s ready to tackle it.

The kids are in the midst of exams and end of school stuff, (with two having their last exam today, and one with a few more to go, and the littles who have the rest of the month to get through — although Josh has a fun school trip next week). Then of course, throw soccer into the mix….

Work has been pretty hectic for me too, and of course, planning for the upcoming “15 trip”, which we are all super excited about, but I think we will only feel that it is real when we are sitting in that airport!

We all got up early this morning to wish Robbie a happy birthday and shower him with some gifts. The celebrations were cut a bit short as the three older guys had to race out for their exams. Rob and I were on our own tonight and went for dinner, and brought home some cake to eat while we fold some laundry (the glamourous life we lead!). This weekend we will do a nice big supper with all the kids and have a real cake to blow out the candles:)



But what can I say about Rob that I haven’t already said a million times? I was thinking the other day about how awesome it is that our 4 boys have such an incredible role model in him. He is such a mix of kindness and firmness; fun and intellect; logic and compassion. He is our stable rock around here, the voice of reason, and the calmness that keeps us grounded. He can also be a little obsessive, but we even love that about him. He certainly is the kind of man I hope our boys aspire to be, and the kind of man I hope that Alexandra finds one day.

FDC-192 FDC-182 FDC-173 FDC-164 FDC-159

I marvel that I have been so blessed to be married to such a guy. He truly inspires me and makes me want to be a better person. He also tolerates and spoils me, so what more can a gal ask for? I could name way more than 45 things (as I usually do on these birthday posts), but this year I will keep it simple.

He rocks.

I love this man.

I am so grateful for him and proud to be his wife. And I know the kids are proud to call him Dad and StepDad.



All my love,





Monthly Snaps of Life

It seems I can barely get a blog post written! Here’s a few snaps of what has happened around here:


Lots of Reggie Cuddle time ^^^


Not as much Mom time, but forced to sit and make some plans for our European adventure ^^^


Please take me for a walk ^^^


Project time… he thought it was supposed to be 10 feet. Something was wrong…it seemed longer than 10 feet.  We had a good chuckle. (It was supposed to be 10 metres (phew)) ^^^


Reggie watching some TV ^^^


Is the TV on, the computer on, and you are on your phone??? ^^^ Reggie is the only one focusing on the TV!


Apparently “they cleaned the kitchen”. Whhaatt??? ^^^


Church shenanigans ^^^

IMG_8357 IMG_8359

Josh with blonde hair ^^^


On Montreal trip… pretty much the phones dominated. We enjoyed Gigi’s pizza and subs though ^^^


Montreal with our friends ^^^


Walk by the lake with my girl ^^^


Visiting our old stomping grounds at McGill. Both Rob and I went there but different years ^^^


Sam the man ^^^

IMG_8621 IMG_8622

Love these cuties ^^^


We love our poutine! ^^^


Church at Gran’s (Kirkland ward!) ^^^


Ste Anne’s picnic ^^^

IMG_8631 IMG_8632

Out for some good old fashioned fun ^^^

IMG_8633 IMG_8636 IMG_8638

Entertaining himself at Gran’s house (aftering gorging on all the homemade desserts!! )^^^


One more McGill pic ^^^


Traditional Victoria Day celebration. Only Sam to hang out with us this year:( Others were all in the crowds with friends ^^^

IMG_8667 IMG_8669

Oops missed these Montreal ones – Sam was the only one to brave the pool (although this was the jacuzzi part!) ^^^


Sam at the school folk dance festival! ^^^

IMG_8660 IMG_8664

Way to go Sam!! ^^^

IMG_8696 IMG_8695 IMG_8694

Winning the West Rouge Cup Tournament ^^^

IMG_8692 IMG_8689 IMG_8686 IMG_8683 IMG_8680

Captain giving out medals ^^^


First day on the job! ^^^

IMG_8706 IMG_8708

The Davidson Stand ^^^

IMG_8711 IMG_8712

Looks like he’s going to pull out a card!!?? ^^^

IMG_8728 IMG_8730

School Athletic Banquet ^^^


Sam’s sleepover for his upcoming Birthday ^^^


Josh in Ottawa for a soccer game ^^^


Stopping for dinner on the way home from the day trip to Ottawa ^^^


The weary parents ^^^ Love my travel buddy, Christine!

That’s it for now! Figure I need to clear off my phone to make way for our upcoming European adventure with Zach and Zandra! Yah!


Gabe’s Prom

Gabe had prom the other night and I was able to capture a few pictures of him and his date before they went for the the full night celebrations:

DSC06108 DSC06109

The box was a little tricky to open ^^^

DSC06110    DSC06114 DSC06115     DSC06120 DSC06121  DSC06123

A little shadowy:( I was hoping to take some pics in front of our home garden, but we went to the hours that was hosting the pre-prom party, so had to make do!

DSC06134  DSC06136  DSC06138 DSC06139 DSC06140 DSC06141 DSC06142    IMG_8599  IMG_8601 IMG_8602

Zach’s soccer tournament

And let the tournaments begin!

(Well, actually they began at the end of March when Josh was in Tremblant, but I wasn’t able to attend that one.)

This was Zach’s first one this year.

His team had some changes this year because of some challenges his coach had with his soccer club. As a result, the team changed clubs. Most players stuck around, but a few left. They still did awesome and won the tournament in their division! Hopefully off to a good start this year!

It was FREEZING cold –  hailing during one of the games! We were wrapped up in blankets and jackets and still cold! I snapped a few pics, but my fingers were numb. Luckily, a Dad of one of the boys on the team took a ton of pictures and posted them for us all. He got some great ones. Forgive me or posting so many, but they do tell a good story:)

DSC06078  DSC06081 DSC06082   DSC06086 DSC06087   DSC06091   DSC06095           IMG_8554 IMG_8555 IMG_8556 IMG_8557  IMG_8559  IMG_8565  IMG_8567 IMG_8568

Then there is this whole series that makes me cringe worrying about concussions:

IMG_8569 IMG_8570 IMG_8571 IMG_8572 IMG_8573 IMG_8574 IMG_8575  IMG_8577 IMG_8578

It was a little cold. They laugh at my Spiderman blankets. There was a time when they BEGGED me to buy them and wanted to use them all the time…and they were begging to use them to stay warm near the end of the game too!

IMG_8579  IMG_8581 IMG_8582

This was too close for comfort:

IMG_8583 IMG_8584 IMG_8585 IMG_8586 IMG_8587 IMG_8588 IMG_8589

DSC06097 DSC06099

DSC06102  DSC06104  DSC06106 IMG_8552

IMG_8590 IMG_8591 IMG_8592