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Every Sunday/Monday we get a new quote of the week that gets written up and posted on the bulletin board in our kitchen. During Family night (every Monday night) we discuss the meaning of the quote. On the back of the card with the quote, I usually explain what it means in simple terms in case the kids forget and want to read it (ha). I have been doing this for few months now, and I am really enjoying it. I don’t specifically search for a “quote”, but my eyes are open to finding one in whatever I’m reading. It makes my reading a little bit more meaningful. I love a good piece of wisdom! I’ll be honest though, the kids don’t really seem to care that much – BUT I have caught them reading the back of the cards, or saying “I don’t get it” (so it at least shows they read it!). Sometimes there’s a situation that happens where I can refer to the quote – for example, I had a quote about being positive up a couple of weeks go. “Someone” was complaining (rarely happens in my rose coloured lense house but happens surprisingly frequently in my 4 walled reality house) and I reminded them of the quote of the week. I think I got an eyeroll – but did get to point out how these quotes can help them in their daily life!

This week’s quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine”. Love it!

I read once an old Chinese Proverb that says : “The one who plants the tree rarely enjoys its shade”. That resonated very well with me. I think I read another similar quote and it has become my all time favorite: “Plant the seed and don’t worry about who enjoys the shade”. It’s a quote I have really found that I want to live by especially in a blended family where our kids share their lives between two homes. It sums up WHY I do many things – and it is a bit of a mantra I say to myself when I am frustrated with planting seeds and am feeling that I could do with some shade (as well as a nap). I know the kids may not enjoy the quotes now. Or in the near future. But I can hope that a little seed of wisdom is planted and that one day that seed will bring forth some shade that either they – or someone they love can enjoy.

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