Happy Father’s Day

I have to apologize to all women out there. You got stiffed. You got the runner up prize. You got second best.

I got the gold medal! I won! I got the best! I got the most amazing, sensational, fantastic husband/father in the world.

My girlfriend Andrea even texted Rob this morning “You are the King of all Dad’s”. Need I say more?

We celebrated with a Father’s day dinner last night, as it was the night we had everyone. We made mini sliders (with homemade buns), salad, chips and cupcakes. Then this morning we had a special breakfast with homemade egg, bacon and cheese sandwichs (on homemade buns again).

The kids gave Rob their gifts: an iphone cover, some of his favorite chocolate (sea salt dark chocolate), a lantern (Zandra made at school) and a plant(Sam planted). They each had homemade cards too. Josh’s was quite funny. Spelling is not his forte yet, and he still reverses letters (and he is often too proud to ask for help). So, he had written “Happy F day Rod”. We chuckled about that. He ended up putting an x through d and changing it to a b.

We all feel pretty blessed to have such an amazing man. This afternoon we went out to Rob’s parents and I accidentally left the laundy room sink on (with the plug in of course – I was trying to soak something) and we came home after 6 hours and it had clearly overflowed and flooded. Luckily we had drains in the laundry rooms and that saved us. But there was still alot of water to clean up. Rob didn’t say a thing – he just started cleaning and sucking up the water. Had that been me, I would have been saying things like “What were you thinking?”. But no, not a word. That to me shows the patience and kindness of this amazing man.

The kids made him a video for his 40th and told him all the things they loved about him. Top of the list was how he always takes time to play with them – even when he is busy, he always makes the time. That makes them all feel pretty special. He is very good at making us all feel really special. I hope he knows that we think he is pretty special!

I was also blessed with a wonderful father, whom I miss dearly. June is always a tough month: the anniversary of his death, father’s day and then his birthday on June 28th. Lots of anniversary dates, but he is remembered year round. Happy Father’s Dad/Grandpa!!

I can only hope that our boys grow up to be a father like their father/stepfather or their grandfather. I’m glad that they have examples of such honourable, loving, kind and worthy fathers.

Happy Father’s Day!

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