Quote of the Week

“Most folks are about as happy as they choose to be” – Abraham Lincoln

We have had many discussions in our home about two things that are highlighted in this quote: Choice and Happiness.

In almost everything that we do – we have choice. Even if we are limited to our circumstances or by other people’s agency – we can choose our attitude and behaviour. The power to choose is one of the greatest gifts we have been given. One simple choice can change our entire life. One degree difference can point us in a whole new direction. Life is made up of all the little choices that we make each day.

It is an interesting concept to “Choose Happiness”. We often think “I’ll be happy when this happens, or this is done, or I have this, or I get rid of that”. We will only be happy if we choose to be happy! It will be a very long empty life if we wait for our circumstances to bring us happiness. We must choose happiness.

Often when my kids complain, I usually remind them: You can do this and be unhappy, or you can do it and choose to be happy. Either way you are doing it. Such is life; you can choose to live it feeling happiness, or live it in misery. Either way, you are living it! Might as well enjoy it!

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