Saturday Rituals

This is what my family room looked like at 7am this morning:

The kids had their traditional Saturday night sleepover.

I can’t remember when it started, but it is something they love to do. We are only all together every second Saturday night, so they have taken to ask for a sleepover. We set up the blow up mattresses, they lug down to the family room their pillows and covers, and we all cozy up to watch a movie – or some TV if it’s too late to start a movie.

I have to admit – it’s a bit of a pain: getting all the mattresses out and putting sheets on them, rearranging furniture in the family room, constantly reminding them to stay quiet once it is bedtime. Then there’s the clean up the next day….

But my kids know we are sort of suckers for this kind of thing. Pretty soon they won’t want to be having “sleepovers” with their siblings, or cuddling with their parents or getting excited about popcorn or a movie snack. They won’t want to be fighting to tickle my hair or snuggle beside me.

As much as it is a pain, it’s really worth it. It is so worth creating these special traditions that hopefully they will remember forever.

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