Last Day in Outer Banks

Sad, but true. It is our last day.

So of course, I had to wake Rob up to watch the sunrise.

It was awesome.

Being the last day and all, we did indulge and go back to sleep until all the kids woke up around 8:30.

Today was just a day to enjoy “Our Beach” outside our beach home in Duck. We literally spent hours in the water. Body surfing, boogie boarding, floating and tons of talking. The kids asked for “storytime” in the water with me. This is where they ask me anything and I have to tell them (we used to do this often at bedtime when we all first moved in and the kids had lots of questions – and insecurities – about life as a blended family). We got into some deep topics (again!): divorce (this is always a common one), first kisses, relationships, family, growing up etc. It is so much fun and a great bonding time. Every so often Rob would force us to come closer to shore…you know…sharks and all.

We had a quick lunch and break. The kids went back out and swam more and built a sand airport, a sand man, and a sand hole.

At one point they started a “throw the sand game”, where they each had a “chance” to sit in a certain spot and get sand thrown at them. Don’t ask -but they loved it….

For dinner we had some of our favorites: crab, shrimp, corn and the yummy crab dip (from Dockside N Duck) on crackers.

After dinner I made everyone go on a sunset walk on the beach to take some pictures (but first I got a big splinter and Rob had to remove it – it was excruciating – so I put on quite a show for all the kids).

We got some cute pics:

Nighttime was a farewell to the beach. I know what I wished on this last “Starlight, Starbright” night….

Good bye Outer Banks. Til we meet again.

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