Pep Texts

I have ranted before about “busy people” (here).

I’m not a big fan of anyone using the “We were busy excuse” (some exceptions do apply). However, even if you are too busy, technology has made it very easy to stay connected and there really is just no excuse anymore.

Now I know a lot of people are not big fans of “communicating via technology”. That for some things it is inappropriate to communicate via email, text or voicemail. And I generally agree (but it really depends on how close you are to someone, what the news is that you are sharing etc…).

However, what is worse is no response. People who often say it is “inappropriate” are the same people who give no response anyways. I think it’s a cover for being indifferent or just plain old too into their own world. So the whole “technology is too impersonal” doesn’t really fly if you don’t make the personal effort anyway.

Where technology does come in very handy is for the people in the world who are
really busy. Texting, while often criticized, I think it is awesome.

It is a great way to just ask a quick question, or let someone know a small detail.

It is a great way to tell someone you are thinking of them.

Most importantly it is a great way to give someone a little boost or pep talk that you may not have “time” for.

I got a pep text today and it felt great. I was feeling a little sad about something, and sent out a quick text to my amazing girlfriend and instantaneously got a pep text back. A “you-go-girl-feel-good-woot-woot” text. It made me feel so much better.

Did it take her long to read my text and respond? No. Maybe 30 seconds. Was the topic I was bringing up a really sensitive, important one that most people would say was not “appropriate for texting”? You betcha. But I didn’t have time and she didn’t have time for that “personal connection”. Will we come back to the topic at a later time – very likely. But a few key words were enough to get me going again.

And those few key words that some people call “impersonal” help keep us closer together. A pep text helps you get the boost when you need it and not when everyone is “unbusy” and you finally get to talk in person.

So – no excuses busy people! A pep text is all it takes!

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