Phone calls

Zach and Josh have been calling me every night from Florida.

They fill me in on their day – Zach usually with tons of details, Josh a little less – but getting better as the days go on (maybe because he really misses me?!). They are having a great time with Ama and Grandad.

Last night Zach said to me:

“I am going to do what no kid has ever done before”.

My mind started racing: What? Will he set a new world record? Will he do something stupid? Will what he does make us millionaires?!?

He continued, “I am going to ask to speak to the other parent. Can you please pass me to Rob”.

I laughed. I was actually surprised too. But very happy.

When I shared the story with everyone else, my skids reminded me that they had asked to speak with me before. However, never on vacation, and they have to pretend it’s not me they are talking to (I know what you’re all thinking – why does she hate me so much? You’d think that I had stolen her husband from her or something which couldn’t have been further from the truth!).

Anyhow, it was actually a big move for Zach.

Zach and Josh have always been strangely distant to anyone except for their Dad and me. Even their grandparents find it weird that they really don’t like to hug or be affectionate.

With me, they are very affectionate. But with everyone else, not so much. They have gotten way better with Rob but this really was a step for Zach. Asking to speak with Rob while on vacation with “the other side” was big.

So big, I thought worthy of recording:)

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