Cutey Sam

Sam wasn’t feeling so hot today so he stayed home for part of the day.

He had a good sleep and then decided he was going to go back to school, but needed to have lunch first.

Rob was working from home (as he usually does) so he fed him lunch in the kitchen and went back into the living room to do some work. While he was eating, Sam was looking through the Lego Star Wars catalogue as he is starting to make his Christmas list.

Rob was working away when he heard Sam from the kitchen sounding out a word: “Mmmmm-Aaaaa-Ggggg-Iiiii-Ccc Wwww-Aaaa-Nnnnn-Dddd Rrrr-Eeee-Lllll”.

Rob couldn’t quite make out what he was saying so he called out to him,
“What’s that Sam”?

Sam responded: “I want a magic wand for Christmas – but a real one. That way I can get all the Star Wars guys that I want”.

Is that cute or what?

Not sure if Santa will be able to bring him a real magic wand though….wouldn’t we all want that though?!?

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