That Time of Year

I can start to feel Christmas in the air!

The kids are busy making their lists, and starting to talk about our Christmas traditions.

As Christmas draws closer, we start to watch as many Christmas movies as possible. On Saturday night, we kicked the year off with “Elf”.

We chose this movie as the kids wanted to have a movie night where we got tons of snacks (like they saw on an episode of “Gilmore Girls”), and a big sleepover in the basement.

We had a total piggy fest : with chocolate, candy, chips and popcorn. It was quite appropriate for the movie “Elf”.

Here they all are filling their cups that we always use for our popcorn holders: (sorry – iphone pics again)

We also squeezed in a few more episodes of Gilmore Girls!

On Sunday, Zach cooked his surprise dinner: lamp chops, potatoes, carrots and caesar salad. Finally, he is starting to eat salads! Josh is the only one left that still struggles with “salads”.

So, the Christmas traditions have started! Can’t wait for them to be in full swing. I actually love Christmas:)


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  1. This is so cool! My husband just brought the Christmas boxes from storage tonight, and that includes all of the movies!! Can’t wait to watch Elf … one of the best of the bunch.

    And I have to laugh because I am currently watching the entire Gilmore Girls series. I used to always watch it on TV but I’ve only caught choppy bits and pieces, never entire seasons at a time. I think I’m on Season 4 now … totally love it!

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