Pay it Forward

This link was passed along on Facebook the other day and I thought it was a great example of “paying it forward” and how we should be aiming to live every day (not just at Christmas time).

I showed it to the kids this morning before school and they really liked it too.

I think it reinforced to them how acts of small kindness can go a long way.

Today, Zach was giving his little grade 1 book buddy a small Christmas present, and Gabe was giving two of his friends some gum to help them work out a conflict they had had (Gabe is acting as the peacemaker between his two feuding friends–their fight started off about gum!). Small acts, but can really be meaningful. So proud of these boys for thinking of these small acts of charity on their own.

A little reminder of our quote earlier in the year : “The smallest deed is larger than the greatest intention”.

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