So I finally got new glasses.

I had the same pair since before Zach was born.

Yup – that’s almost 11 years now.

The glasses were really on their last legs. The kids were begging me to get new ones (even though I only wear them from my bedroom to the bathroom and back). They were so scratched, I couldn’t really see through them either.

But they hold such memories:) I slept wearing the glasses when the boys’ were babies and sleeping in the basinet in my room. I needed to be able to see them as soon as I opened my eyes. You know, to check if they were breathing. I couldn’t waste a split second putting my glasses on….

But, I finally caved and got new ones.

I can’t actually see out of these ones either though, since my eye doctor somehow gave me the wrong script (for both my contacts and my glasses – how does that happen?)

So, I am off to get the new script put in.

But here’s what they look like! (not that anyone will ever see me wearing them anyways…):

Zach says I look “more work-y”. Hmmm…not sure if that is the look I was going for:

He thought putting his finger in front of the camera would be pretty funny. I guess it is. I had to look over my glasses in order to actually see


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