Happy 9th Birthday Josh

Josh turns 9 today!

When he was little, we called him “Baby Josh” (or “Baby Dosh” as Zach would say). I never imagined a time when we wouldn’t call him that!

But not so much now.

But he’s still that to me.

Josh is a man of character. I thought maybe I’d try to find some of my fave poses. Then I just got carried away. A lot carried away. Here is the end result:

Thank goodness I only went digital when I got divorced, and thank goodness I didn’t access the pics on Rob’s computer. I would have had tons more! (And of course, I’ve created a monster and will have to do this for all the kids).

Back to Josh.

For his birthday he had asked for a soccer shirt (big surprise) but it had not arrived yet:( So, he got to open a little soccer bag, filled with soccer stuff (little pad, soccer puzzle, luggage tag etc.). His favorite was the soccer rubber ducky. He was pretty happy with his candy poster too.

For dinner, we headed to an Ethiopian restaurant – (his choice) – I think he just likes eating with his hands! Then we headed home for some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Yum.

It was a pretty good birthday.

Here are nine things that I love about him:

1. His passion for food – especially desserts. This turns into an appreciation for yummy things that are made for him – AND his desire to bake and cook with me!

2. His total commitment and focus to soccer – and any other sport he participates in.

3. His incredible sense of humour and ability to keep us all laughing.

4. His sweet side: comes out when he goes into “Big Brother Role” with Sam and tries to teach him things – he is so sweet.

5. His big hugs, smooches, and how he tickles my hair and always gets the pillow and blanket for me (and covers me) when we watch a show.

6. His independence in getting his homework done and his little tricks to study.

7. His cuddliness at bedtime, willingness to listen to me sing (Weary Hobo), and talk about Barbaloots. Then his ability to flatline sleep.

8. His honesty when he knows he should get a consequence.

9. His intensity and quirkiness that can drive us all a little bit crazy! It’s what makes him him:)

I love you Josh more than you will ever know!

Happy Birthday!


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