Quote of the Week

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly just because you are a good person, is like expecting the bull not to charge just because you are a vegetarian”.

I thank my friend Natalie for this one. She posted it on facebook the other day and I just had to steal it!

You see, it ties nicely into our family motto, which I talked about here and here.

Every family night we review our family motto and the kids have to give examples. Fairness seems to always be summarized with “Fairness is getting what you need”. We told them last week to shake it up a bit, and come up with some new examples!

I thought this was a great quote to share with them, because as we often discuss with them our goal is always to be as fair as we can, and we strive for fairness (and all the other things that that word encompasses for our family as discussed here), life is NOT always fair. In fact, it is often NOT fair, and we need to learn to cope with the disappointment that it often brings.

I just thought this was a great way to put a little humour into it!

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