Recipe: Rapini Pasta

When it is one of our children’s birthdays – they get to pick anything they want for dinner. I mean anything. We have had banana splits several times!

When Sam turned 5, this is the recipe he wanted. Strange for a 5 year old, I know. But he loves it. Everytime we have it – he says “Yah! Rapini pasta!”. You can use hot sausage or mild. He prefers the mild. This is not a favourite recipe of Zach and Josh’s – although if they have it – they want the spicy sausage. It is however a recipe from Zach and Josh’s Grandparents on their Dad’s side. I think Grandad usually makes it.

Rapini Pasta

1 hard Italian sausage (found in deli section – sometimes sold in packs of 3 – but it is dried sausage)
Garlic – minced
Olive oil

Rinse rapini and cut off stems. Set aside.

Chop up 1 hard Italian sausage into small pieces (you can play around with the amount – it is as much as you like). Pour olive oil into pan – covering bottom (2-3 tbsp). Add sausage, garlic, salt, pepper and sauté for about 2 minutes (just cooking garlic and heating and softening sausage in the oil).

Meanwhile in boiling salted water, cook spaghettini. When pasta is almost done (about 4 minutes left), add rapini and stir it in. Boil until pasta is done (and rapini is wilted). Drain spaghettini/rapini mixture. Return to pan. Add in sausage, garlic, oil mixture. Stir. Add parmesan and more pepper to taste.

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