Feeling the Love

I got spoiled by some pretty special people for my birthday.

Started off with a package delivered from my dear friend; she had made a book of my blog from when I started it last year until this past March. It is amazing. Beautiful. I was very touched. Just leafing through the pages made me so grateful that I am recording all these moments in our life. It was so fun to see it in print and to enjoy remembering little moments with the kids! Her daughter had also made a beautiful box which would house all my cards and letters for my 40th. It was nice to read through the sweet and thoughtful notes of many (including a hilarious and touching list of 40 things another dear friend loves about me).  I am certainly blessed with some of the best friends and family:))

The night before my birthday, I went to bed and saw this note:

(love the disclaimer at the bottom of the first side (top picture)! Zach is very careful to make sure he is “fair” to both me and his Dad!).

I also got this note to pass along to Santa. The alarm clocks Santa got the boys at Christmas “broke” so they wanted me to deal with Santa about this. (Of course they realized later on that they just needed to change the batteries!).

Back to me and my birthday:)

I woke up to chocolate milk and Zach climbing in bed (at the time I was born – although luckily I told him the wrong time by accident – I was born at 5:40am, but told him 6:45. So he was in my room at 6:45 – better than 5:40!!).

At breakfast, the kids presented me with their main gift:

I love it – and was amazed  how they made me a painting with “stripes” considering that is what I just did last week with my own paintings. We are in sync:)

I got a cutey card from Sam and one from Zandra as well. Zandra also made me a gimp key chain which I now sport with my keys.

Josh gave me his standard gift (which I always love and now count on him to take care of!): Circus truffles and chocolates (my fave are the raspberry truffles and salted caramel squares). He loves giving me chocolates!

Gabe sent me a great text: (I had to take pictures of it in three parts because it was so long). He also made me this amazing video. I was so touched – and got all teary:).


Zach presented me with some of his art work – which I always love.

My birthday night, we ordered Chinese food and had chocolate and strawberry cupcakes.

Then I got a real treat: the kids (under supervision and guidance from Rob) gave me a relaxing spa evening. I had my feet washed and soaked in this cool gel. They gave me a facial, brushed and tickled my hair, creamed my hands and feet, and then finally, a full body massage. This was all done to the calming sounds of a spa music (and Rob telling everyone to stop yelling and fighting – nice that they were fighting about who’s turn it was to do things to me!) Made me feel so good. I love my family:)))

Love the agenda Alexandra made up! So cute!! She is awesome at all this girlie stuff! I lucked out with getting her as my partner in crime against all these boys!

Here’s a peek at some pictures; not because they are attractive, but to help me always remember my sweet children:

They worked hard!

This past weekend, we had some famous Oatmeal cake with Grammie and Grampy.

I always have this wilty eye when I’m overtired…it looks weird I know.

Then the next night we had a little Karaoke party which had the kids singin’ their little hearts out! Everyone was really into it – so much so that the singing continued into the next day:). They also loved the gift my girlfriend got me : a soda streamer (I love it too)! We have been trying out different flavours all weekend.

Need You Now Duet

Viva la Vida

Forever Young….It wasn’t their choice –  but I thought it was so fitting:)

We rocked it out with Enjoy the Silence and Endless Love (of course!!)
No Air

Ok – so you can’t get the BEST pictures of people singing…

It was a pretty special  birthday and I feel very blessed to be surrounding myself with all these great people.

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