Stormy Day

We awoke during the night to some incredible rain and crashing waves here in Rodanthe. Just wish there was a lightning show!

The weather was fine with us as it meant we would have a relaxing stormy day !

I did a tiny bit of work, some art journalling, reading, snoozing and a bit of painting.

Rob did some incredible painting.

He actually painted this scene:

Pretty good eh?

I love this one:

It’s on a cube – and it is painted all around. It looks so much like the beach (today).
We went for lunch in Nag’s Head to another beach restaurant called “The Blue Moon Grill”.

Another fantastic lunch: shrmip burger, tuna BLT and calamari. We came back to have some Key Lime Pie that we had bought a Dockside n Duck (it seriously is the best!).

We went for a long walk on the beach – under the Rodanthe pier. It was cold and the ocean was seriously rough – coming really close to the house – filling up most of the beach. We had to stop walking because there was no more beach to walk on! Really beautiful nonetheless!

Tonight, we will relax, enjoy the hot tub and listen to the ocean storm!

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