Happy 11th Birthday Zandra!!!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, smartest, funniest, prettiest, most lovable girl in the world!!

11 Things I love about Zandra B!!! (as her Dad calls her:)

1. Her heart of gold and friendly, caring nature; she is filled with empathy towards other people (and animals)!

2. Her ability to bust a move on the dance floor! She gets the rhythm and she knows how to move so fluidly and gracefully!

3. Her sweet singing voice and ability to sing any song with all the words. (even after just hearing it once!!)

4. Her ridiculously cute bedtime routine with her Dad and banana chicken; then picking a different dream every night!

5. Her generous spirit – always willing to compromise and be a peacekeeper

6. Her willingness to forgive and ask for forgiveness

7. Her growth this year in standing up for herself, advocating for what she knows is right, and speaking out

8. Her beautiful spirit all around – especially as it continues to grow daily

9. Her exceptional talent with art, sewing and anything crafty

10. Her sense of style and ability to do her hair (and mine) in so many ways!

11. Her amazing smile and infectious laugh

We love this girl sooooo much and are so blessed to have her in our home!

I’m especially glad to have some girl power in our home. She is the perfect partner in crime and I am so proud of everything she does and thrilled and honored to be her Smom!!!

I went through my pictures to capture Zandra as I have known her over the past 5 years… here’s a selection of her (although there is a recent gap of pictures that are on Rob’s computer and I couldn’t access).

For her birthday, she came over here in the morning before school and opened up her presents. She got the now traditional chocolate candy poster, a dress, and a sewing machine and accessories! She was very excited about that!

Love this! She had peeked in and saw the sewing machine!

She had her friends birthday party at her Mom’s this year (we rotate years), where they went out for dinner and 4 girls slept over – stayed up until 2 is what I heard. When she was back with us, we had our family party – where she selected bow tie pasta with rose sauce, and an icecream cake. It was yummy!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!!!! Love you!!


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