Mother’s Day

It’s amazing being a Mom. Really, there is nothing like it and I feel incredibly blessed to be called Mom by two amazing sons, and to be called Smom by three more special children.

This morning Rob hopped out of bed to get the day in motion and Zach and I went for a run. He is a good running partner, because we have committed to a program to get us running 5K and he is very serious about it. So no slacking for me. But what better way can you start Mother’s Day than by running with my oldest son? We even stopped to take a lilac off a tree – I love lilacs and smell them every time I run this particular route- and today we felt justified to stop and take one to bring home!

When I arrived home, breakfast was on the table: Bonjour Brioche (where Rob and I had our first date) pastries, cinnamon buns, and chocolate milk. At my seat were all sorts of beautifully made cards, chocolates and little gifts including some travel books (so I can work on our Australia/ New Zealand trip for next year:), as well as one about Paris (for Zandra’s 16 trip:)).

The kids were with us this morning until their Mom came to pick them up at 9:30. It was great having breakfast together, but nice for them to go and spend the day with their Mom.

Breakfast was extremely yummy. It was a little bit more tasty than a Mother’s Day Breakfast years ago that I had – although the memory of that breakfast has a very special place in my heart. The boys love hearing this story – so I thought it appropriate to always have it recorded as one of my favorite Mother’s Days ever!

It happened during the pre-Rob, post divorce years. The boys – a couple of days before Mother’s Day – told me they wanted to make breakfast for me for Mother’s Day but wanted to practice. I heard them banging things around in the kitchen and then I was finally called to the table.  The table was set (with my special placemat that Zach had made me and I still use every night to this day), there was a bowl of fruit loops poured (with milk in it that had obviously been poured ages ago so the cereal was really really soggy), a washed green apple and half a glass of orange juice. They were so proud and I was so touched. These little guys were amazing!

The next morning, I received the same breakfast! Exactly!

Then finally, on Mother’s Day, I awoke to the exact same thing. My heart melted every time. I could always hear them in the kitchen; Zach giving Josh directions, Josh insisting he could do things himself. Dragging the chairs around the kitchen trying to reach everything. By this time though, I was not sure if I could make my way through another soggy bowl of cereal. I braved it again and then suggested in the future that they wait to pour the milk!!

This year, no soggy cereal, but still the same love coming from them:)

We went to church, and then came home for a light lunch. After lunch, we hopped on our bikes and headed down to the bike trails and enjoyed the beautiful day! Then, fighting a bit of a sore throat, I snuck in a little nap before our traditional Mother’s Day meal of Giorgio’s pasta.

All in all it was another beautiful Mother’s Day. One of Zach’s gifts was that he was going to be the “hero” today – whenever he was having a fight with Josh, he would be the “hero” and be the peacemaker. He did all day, and I know this was a big deal for him so it was much appreciated!

But really,  I should be thanking them all – for giving me the opportunity to experience the BEST thing in the world on a daily basis. To be their Mom and Smom. It is such an honour to have these little lives growing before my eyes. I hope I serve them well. I hope I teach them well. I hope I enjoy them to the fullest. I hope we have fun and grow to share memory after memory and story after story.

And of course, I am forever grateful to my Mom for the amazing mother she is to me. I am blessed to have her in my life. Even though we live far, I love how she is so on top of everything! She takes such a keen interest in each and every one of us and it’s like she is right around the corner, following up on all the details. I love and appreciate her in every way possible and hope that I am able to touch and serve as many and as well as she does:) . She is the greatest example of a mother !

Happy Mother’s Day!

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