The Travel Book (Not for Parents)

This week Josh had a consequence which included no TV and no iPod Touch. He kept himself pretty busy playing outside and playing soccer, but at the end of the day, when he wanted some down time, he was struggling with what to do.

We decided to check out some ibooks together on my iPad (because he was with me, I made the exception to use electronics – and it was to look for books). He had just finished reading “The Travel Book for Rome (Not for Parents)” that he had purchased a while back and really enjoyed, so wanted to see if there were any other cool guide books.

We came across the coolest book, “The Travel Book (Not for Parents)” – which is a book of “cool stuff to know about every country in the world”. We decided we needed to buy it as opposed to just downloading it.

So I bought it, and it is pretty cool:

On his hot list now, Belize. Second largest barrier reef in the world is there he informs me!

I am so excited that my kids are excited about travel and share that passion with me! We will slowly start checking off all the countries we visit together!

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