Ice Cream Fridays

There is an Ice Cream truck in our neighborhood who knows exactly where to position itself. As soon as there is a tiny bit of sunshine, and a hint of spring in the air, it positions itself right outside the school playground and is there in time for the bell to go.

Every kid begs their parents for an ice cream (or slushie). Then the child parades the  ice cream around so all the other kids can bug their parents to get one too.

The ice cream truck hangs around the school for about 45 minutes, and then makes its way through the neighborhood streets, with its ice cream music blaring and the parks itself where? Right in front of our house.

Well, you can imagine how often we are asked “Can we please get ice cream”?? I finally just said, we can get ice cream on the Fridays when all the kids are around. This saves me from having to say “No” a gazillion times a week.

Today was the Friday. The truck was late, and the music was playing very softly, but Rob caught sight of it through the window and yelled. “It’s here”! and every kid came running. So fast in fact, that they didn’t even shut the door.

And everyone enjoyed their ice cream or slushies!!

Perfect Friday:)

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