Quote of the Week

“Where much is given, much is expected”.

We lead a choice life. We live in a free country, in a beautiful city and neighborhood, in an amazing house.

We have the best jobs that allow for a great balance in our lives. We have the fullness of the gospel to guide and direct us as we raise the most incredible children and build a family culture that brings us the most joy ever.

We have good health, education, opportunities and even trials that led us to each other.

We are blessed. Very blessed.

But with these blessing comes responsibility to give back. To show gratitude. To take advantage of opportunities. To be prepared for challenges. To love, to serve, to give. To lead the life that we were meant to lead.

Are we doing enough? How can we do more? How can we improve? How can we give back?

These are questions to ask everyday – and I admit, the busy-ness of life often takes over. But, I want to be more appreciative, more grateful, more humble, more patient, and just try to do more in general. Because I have been given much:)

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