Another busy week has past. In the midst of all the soccer and baseball we are all consumed with, Zach had his guitar recital.

He has only been taking guitar since the fall. He takes it with his good buddy, and has an amazing teacher. The recital was jammed packed with all the students from our neighborhood. Man, his teacher, Vlad, really hit the jackpot with all these students within 5 blocks!

The funniest things was Zach’s teacher calls him “Sack” – and spelled his name like that on the program! Zach was so embarrassed – but the MC knew that he was “Zach” so pronounced it properly much to Zach’s relief.

They played Coldplay’s Viva la Vida. It was great:)) Here’s my boy!:

I love this photo! He looks just a teeny bit panicked about going on stage:)

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