The Amazing Sam

This year for Sam’s 7th Birthday party (his birthday is coming up in July but we wanted to do the party before summer vacations and everyone leaves the city) we decided to do our own little rendition of “The Amazing Race”.

It is one of my favorite shows, and this year the kids started watching it with us too – so now it is a family favorite.

We called the party: “The Amazing Sam” (race).

Sam invited 11 of his friends to our house, and we divided them into two teams. The blue team and the orange team. They got these little wrist bands to wear.

There were 8 “stations ” to visit where they had to perform “detours” to get their next clue.

Here’s some snaps of the detours:

After the race, we had some pizza and birthday ice cream cake. Sam seemed to have a pretty good time! But, I think I’m just getting old – I was completely exhausted by the end! (Sorry – the pics aren’t great).

The real deal comes up next week. Can’t wait til he is officially 7!!!
Love this little man!!!

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