Weekly Snaps of Life

Zandra had her Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Lunch Date with Josh to Indian Restaurant!

Josh’s turn to take the cup home!

Cool sky – dark clouds divided by the sun and blue sky!

Beautiful rainbow..saw it driving home from our Wednesday night date at the Sushi restaurant

Hmmm – this next series of photos: We were driving to Josh’s soccer tournament. My kids are “tickle-holics”. They love back tickles. I turn around from the front seat and there they are! Shirts off and all – tickling each other’s backs!!

He wanted to avoid any picture going up on the blog:) Too late:))

Josh had another tournament. Here they are waiting to play

Josh is #5. Isn’t that guy on the other team a giant compared to him!?

Josh and the giant again!

Josh did amazingly well! Scored 5 goals the whole tournament

After the games, they went wild – shoes, socks and shirts off. They turned from fierce competitors to real 9 year old boys!

Accepting their 2nd place medal (out of 28 teams!!) with bare feet!

They were exhausted!!! But they played so well. So proud! It was my lucky kisses I gave him I tell ya! A kiss for every goal:)

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