Day 2 and 3 in Collingwood

It has been a busy couple of days here in Collingwood!

Yesterday, we spent the day on the boat- packed a picnic, anchored, swam and then did some tubing too. It was a beautiful day and we were sun tired at the end if it.

However, Zach had a soccer game in the evening in the city so he and I gathered the soccer gear and headed on a mini road trip:) Aside from being really tired at first, it was really enjoyable to chat with him on the long drive there and back. They tied their game – so that was nice too! I had my photographer beside me snapping some pics of the sunset:

Rob stayed back with everyone else and they had dinner, played some tennis and then just chilled. Zach and I rolled back into town around 11 and absolutely crashed!

This morning we were awoken by a wake up call we never asked for:( but we got up and got going.

We spent the morning and early afternoon on the beach. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so only got a few snaps with my iPhone. The kids swam, then we all played various games including frisbee, soccer and football. We had a picnic lunch and chilled on the beach too before heading back to the marina. There, we hopped in the boat, did some more tubing and touring and enjoyed the calm waters today!

We were excited to head back to the condo resort and have our first ever CDF tennis tournament! We decided last year since everyone is now playing (at one level or another), we would start a yearly traditional tournament.

The teams: (we were pretending to wave to the crowd too:))

Zach and Gabe

Rob and Josh

Zandra, Sam and me

It was a lot of fun! Zach and Gabe ended up winning, Josh had a complete meltdown (we have some serious “how to lose” behaviors to work on – with a few of the boys:)) and everyone tried their best!

Here we all are, giving it our best!!

Evening came along and we headed out for some dinner and then back to the condo for a movie. I think Rob and I were more tired than the kids- with the exception of Josh who headed up to his room to tuck himself in!

Last day tomorrow!

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