Happy Anniversary X2!

Around the corners and through the bend
Haringe’s Slott is where it would end
For a journey so short, with such import
We began to live again in a far away land

Back we went across the sea
Kids awaiting the CDF 5,
A golf club of all places, and it was time to jive
Speeches and fun, and cameras clicking away, little ones begging for more play,
A second magical evening wound down on the dance floor
A Montreal summer evening who could ask for more?

Now at today, it is all 4 years away!
Laughter, fun and a few tears to keep it real
A life so extraordinary, what a deal!
I am so lucky to be beyond measure
Life with my Meski is truly a pleasure.

Happy 4th Anniversary X 2!!!

Haringe Castle – where it all began!!

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