Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman was our number 2 spot! Seven Mile Beach is spectacular! The water is crystal blue, the sand is sugar white and so soft. It was amazing!
But before the beach, we had to get there.

Another tender process. We took some pics and played some geopgraphy games to pass the time!

We tendered to the dock and met our tourguide : Moby Dick. We took a short bus ride to the marina and then boarded the boat that took us out to snorkel and the to Stingray City.

I decided that today I needed to get a bunch of one on one pics of the kids for their Valentine photo books – so that’s why there are so many of “me and one of the kids” and “Rob and one of the kids”.

Snorkeling was a amazing – right beside a reef, lots of little fish that we were all trying to touch, and stunning water. Everyone is getting the hang of snorkeling.


Ok – before I go on – I need to post some more pictures of the water (it may all look the same but it was at different angles – all around us!!). It was the most stunning water ever. It was breathtaking. We kept saying to the kid s”Look at this! Can you believe it”? I’m not sure they appreciated how stunning their surroundings were. Paradise on earth.

We then went to “Stingray City” – an area famous for the Stingrays coming around to swim with you. They were incredible. I think it was a highlight of our trip. Zandra had a freak out as she was scared, but still managed to touch one.The rest of us were amazed by how soft they were, held them, kissed them (7 years good luck!) and took lots of photos and video. It was incredible.

Unfortunately my lense got a little humidity on it that I didn’t notice until later – so Rob is a bit smudged:)


After the tour, they dropped us of at Seven Mile Beach where we swam and had some lunch.


Back to the boat:) The kids stopped and bought some candy in the candy shop and we boarded the boat.

We got all fancied up for dinner, and took some pictures on the deck while the sun set. It was a beautiful night.

Dinner was fun as usual (we have the best conversations!). Zach entertained us with his “Pardon You” and his “Zachism’s” as we call them.

Gabe really did have a good time on the trip (I think). I’ll chalk his expressions up to teenage-hood

Sam looked so adorable and grown up in his tie:)

Josh was seriously addicted to their hot chocolate. He must have had them at least 3 times per day. I have to admit, it was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!

Zach had steak three time in the week!

We finished dinner, stuffed as usual (and every dinner is interrupted a million times by kids having to go to the bathroom – what’s up with bathroom trips on vacation??) and headed up to the top deck to see the stars and take some wacky pictures.  

Back in the cabin we enjoyed the awesome towel animals they made every night!

Another awesome day!


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