Monthly snaps of life (just to catch up!)

Summer is drawing to a close and I thought I’d clean up my phone and post some of the random pics of the past month to remind me of all the little details that happened, but didn’t really get much attention:

Gorgeous clouds right outside our door

A new little restaurant (if you can call  it that??) we discovered….the best fish and shrimp sandwiches….

Watching the sunset at the park

View of the city

Zach and Josh went to soccer camp for two weeks

They each won some competitions and got invited to join the academy:)

After camp one day walking along the Danforth – thought it was cute that they were matching like old times:)) (It was the soccer uniform for camp they had to wear one day)
I love to watch the boys play soccer  –  but I think my favorite is watching Josh warm up with his team mates all in a line!

This is the best!! They are supposed to be jumping all together!! I think they are a little off sync!

Number 5

TFC player came to Josh’s game and signed his ball. He also told Josh he was watching him and he is a good little player!

Rob and I went to Ottawa for the weekend for my cousin’s wedding. Of course, Ottawa being so close to Montreal MUST have good poutine!

We found the poutine here. It was so good!!

Driving around a bit in Ottawa – we went to the house that Rob grew up in!

Gorgeous outdoor wedding we went to for my cousin. Sadly, this is my only pic.
Zandra at hard work with my hair!

Zandra’s getting fancier and fancier!

Out for Dim Sum with the kids in China Town

Rob teaching everyone how to really use chopsticks!

We went on the boat to watch the air show. A couple of the kids braved the Lake Ontario water!

These guys were the heros and went in a few times!

I think he only went in because he had to pee!

Brave Sam even went under!

First Day of School notes:)

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