The right place for us

My boys all wore ties to church this past week.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of them in their shirt and ties. They looked so grown up.

It’s not like I haven’t seen them like this before. Just a few weeks ago they dressed up a few times on the cruise.

But, it was different.

I didn’t tell them to wear the shirt and ties to church. I have always been “satisfied” with them wearing a sport shirt. They had bought their own ties (on the cruise actually), and reminded me on Saturday night they were planning on wearing them (so we could make sure their shirts were clean and ironed:).

Then they were up and dressed and ready to go on Sunday morning. Everyone had slept in a little. Gone are the days of waking up at 6am. They sat pretty quietly in the pew, looking like they were listening:) There were no toys, no books, no taking children out during the service. Both Rob and I could actually listen to the service – uninterrupted!

Zach asked me a bunch of questions about the sacrament as he will be 12 next year so moving on to passing it. The kids all listened in primary and all around enjoyed themselves during the activity and singing time. We had some good discussions about upcoming activities this year that are offered.

Driving home from church, listening to their chatter, hearing about what they talked about in class, it struck me hard how they are growing up. So much. So fast. I had a vision of what amazing people they are going to be – from the amazing people they are now.

Most people we know don’t go to church. Many people who we know think it’s strange, weird, old fashioned, or even “harmful”. Of course, some have no opinion at all. And that is all fine by me.

Because, this Sunday, I had an overwhelming sense that this is the right thing for our family. This is the way we are choosing to teach and act upon values taught. This is where we need to be every week as a family. These are the principles we want to live, despite the opposition to do otherwise. Our lives are so enriched by what we learn. We are so blessed everyday. This is right for us.

The kids are growing up, and I can see the blessings in their lives and the applications of lessons learned. I can see how these are choice children, reserved for this day and age, reserved for our own unique family. I can see how Rob and I are so meant to be together, to help guide this unique family.

So even though at times we feel frustrated, or feel like things go astray, or wonder how things will turn out, little confirmations and glimpses like I had this Sunday give me enough hope and confidence that we are on the right track and we just need to keep ploughing through.

They also remind me of what is important. Nothing I do in life comes close to my joy and responsibility of being a wife, a Mom and a Smom. I need to realign my compass weekly. Church, with my boys in their shirt and ties, my pretty girl in her dress, and my husband holding my hand, all sitting beside me, is the perfect place to do that.

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