Growing Babies

My babies are grown up.

Sort of.

This week the Grade 6ers were off on a school trip to “Island School” for 2 nights and 3 days (held on Toronto Island).

This is a much anticipated trip. You only get to go once in your elementary school career. And it is supposed to be super fun. Both Zach and Zandra are in Grade 6 and were excited that both their classes were going to be going together. Well, I was excited about that. They were excited to go with their friends. But I like that they are there together too:)

So the night before, we went through the checklist and got everything all packed up.

The next morning they both were buzzing with excitement. I anticipated that they might be a touch nervous (and Zach had done some crazy sleep talking the night before which usually means he’s a bit stressed). They might need some extra hugs, pep talks, a little words of comfort and wisdom?

Well, I was down in my office getting myself ready for the day, when I heard Zach yell down to me that they were leaving for school. What?! I’m not ready!! I raced upstairs, as I have to walk the little guys to school anyhow, so they could wait for me, no??

No. They gave me big hugs (at least) and grabbed their bags and were off. Without looking back. And without me getting a picture of them with all their stuff. Argh.

I quickly moved the little guys along so we could get to school and hunted down these two waaaayyyyy tooooo independent older kids. I demanded pictures.

IMG 1423

IMG 1426

Worked better for Zandra than for Zach (Zach was embarrassed; Zandra just poses!)

IMG 1427

IMG 1424

Not quite what I wanted, but I still got some.

Then they were off.

Not in the least bit nervous. Just totally excited. And happy.

So, as I wiped a little tear from my eye, feeling that I am no longer needed, I did take a little joy in the fact that these two are filled with confidence and excitement for life.

They are growing and slowly asserting their independence. What more could I ask for? They are secure, happy and confident.

And that’s the whole point, right?


I just need to get used to my babies growing up:(

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