As I said in this post, this year for Halloween we were short a couple of kids.

Being on a Wednesday night, it fell on the night the kids are at their Mom’s. We have had them for Halloween for quite a few years and every year she would ask to see them to take them trick or treating in her neighborhood. It really broke the night up. Every year, we obliged (except for last year because what she asked for was unreasonable). I always thought the splitting Halloween was a dumb idea. I mean, Halloween is for the kids – right? Why would you want the kids to miss out while they drive around to different neighborhoods?? (It would be different if you lived in the same neighborhood more or less).

At any rate, it wasn’t our year (and we knew that despite sharing Halloween 4 out of 5 years there was no way she would share with us, and like I said, I think it’s a lame thing to do to kids), so with a hug and a kiss off they were to go to trick or treating in their Mom’s neighborhood. (We didn’t feel so bad because we also got to get them ready and share the Halloween parade in the afternoon at school with them too:)

Except, this year, Gabe was not going out, and Zandra begged to go with her friends (who all live in our neighborhood). So, Sam went to his Mom’s, which left Zach and Josh here (Zandra joined us for dinner and then went out ot her friends and came back here for the night).

Zach was pretty sad about it just being him and Josh. He often is the one who gets sad about stuff like this. He really likes the “big family”.

On a side note, it actually got me thinking that maybe it was a good thing Rob and I didn’t have a baby together a couple years back when we were desperately trying, because that little one would have been alone an awful lot, and if he/she were anything like Zach, he/she would have been very upset often:(

Back to this Halloween:

Zach was sad, but he was also happy that he had his best bud who was coming with us. The plan, like last year, was we would all trick or treat together and then Zach could go off alone with his friend. Last year, they went off and I continued on with Josh, Zandra and Sam. It turned out really well. So, this was to be the plan again.

However, as the night wore on, Zach never made mention of going off on his own with his friend. Rob took them trick or treating for a bit, then came back and I continued along with Zach and his friend, and Josh. The three of them knocking at all the doors, and giggling in between each door, teasing each other and daring each other to do silly things.

We got home, dumped all the loot out to explore, and then Josh asked “Hey Zach, why didn’t you and your friend go off alone again this year”? I chimed in “Yah! It’s true! I told you you could”.

Zach answered, “Because I knew Josh would then be alone and it would suck for him. Beside, it was fun the three of us”.

You know when you have those moments where your heart melts, tears well in your eyes, and you feel so proud and know you will never forget that moment?

It was one of those for me.

Zach and Josh fight like cats and dogs. I mean, sometimes I swear they are each other’s worst enemy.

But, at that moment, I saw the true bond that they share. I saw a glimpse of them standing by each other in the future. I saw the love, and the loyalty that a big brother has for a little brother, and the willingness to sacrifice just to “take care”, and “look out” for his little brother.

It made me feel, that even though they fight (ALL the time), they are forever bonded. Made me feel a bit more at peace knowing that my kids will take care of each other.

Then as they freely shared their candy with Rob and me, I knew that they would be there to take care of us too:))

Family bonds. That’s what it’s all about.

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