Quote of the Week

“Don’t count the days, make the days count”.

Gabe threw this quote out the other day at me, and whenever one of my kids remembers a quote and uses it, it HAS to make our quote of the week!

Time will pass regardless of what we do. The motivational speaker Anthony Robbins talks about the “Niagara Syndrome“, where many people just go with the flow, let the river take them wherever, and then end up 5 feet away from dropping in Niagara Falls and then panic because they know they are in for a fall. “But how did this  happen?” is the usual response….

You can change your direction if you put both oars in the river and paddle like crazy where you want to go, or you can make a plan ahead of time and steer yourself in the direction you want to end up in. It’s all about the decisions we choose to make every day that will determine our final destination.

If we make each day count, be conscious of the little decisions we are making, actively do something with our time, we will not be surprised where we end up. Don’t let time just slip by. Make it count.

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