Christmas Eve and Day

Finally the festivities started on Christmas Eve day.

We always have a special little Christmas Program – the tradition that I grew up with.

Zach played “Silent Night” and “Greensleeves” for us on the guitar.

Zach and Zandra read this Christmas alphabet story that they made up a few years ago.

I read “Teach the Children the True Meaning of Christmas” Santa story (with Sam and Josh holding up the art that was created by the kids years ago).

We then act out the Christmas Nativity story.

Rob then reads a poem he creates about our year, which you can read here.

The kids are all sent to their rooms, while we get out all the Christmas presents and place them under the tree. When they hear the tinkling of the bell, they come tearing down the stairs and begin to open the presents!

They exchanged their Secret Santa gifts too! (They are hugging their Secret Santa in the pics)

We then have a massive food buffet, and the kids all swear it is their favorite meal of the year!

This year Gabe, Zandra and Sam left at 7pm, and Zach and Josh just hung out with us.

Morning arrived, and Santa presents and stockings! Cinnamon buns and chocolate milk for breakfast before the boys go to their Dad’s.

Christmas day is pretty low key. I spent the day figuring out my NEW CAMERA that SOMEONE (that I love very very much and who is the most amazing man in the world….) got as a surprise for me!!

We also decided last minute to go on a trip to NEW YORK CITY!! So, we were packing for that!

Gabe, Zandra and Sam came back and enjoyed their Santa gifts, we had some leftover turkey soup, and shed some tears that Christmas is over!

Out the door everyone went on boxing day including Rob and I as we headed to NYC!!!

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