Christmas Eve Day and Bowling…

My Mom and sister arrived for Christmas on the 22nd and we had a yummy Christmas Dinner on the 23rd (I forgot to take pics).

We promised my sister we would go bowling! So that was our December 24th during the day activity. Normally we try to do something “wintery” but the weather wasn’t agreeing, so bowling it was!

We had a great time – with Gabe being King Bowler!

I’ll let the pictures show how much fun we had:

Of course, here’s a few of what else we were doing while waiting for Christmas Eve to start:

This year for Christmas we only had Gabe, Zandra and Sam until 7pm Christmas Eve which meant we had to have all our Christmas Eve festivities done by then. They came back at 6pm on Christmas day for the night, but Zach and Josh were gone by 9:30 am Christmas day. Sounds complicated, but it works for us now…we got it figured out.

So, Christmas Eve began at 3pm….

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