Quit Knocking "My Elf on a Shelf"

So much controversy this little Elf can bring!

The web is buzzing – just like it was last year, with the lovers and the haters of the Elf on the Shelf.

I happen to be a lover of our little elf, Quiet Elfie.

But perhaps we use him in a different way than others. I know he is labelled as “Santa’s Spy”, which I guess technically he is. And I guess he is a little creepy looking.

However, I don’t threaten my kids with him. I don’t make threats I can’t keep, and seriously, cancelling Christmas?? (I must admit to loosely throwing around the “Santa is watching so you better be good” threat when my kids were little; but I was usually driven by pure desperation).

No, our little Quiet Elfie was first introduced 5 Christmas’ ago, and he has become a favorite in our home. He’s a loving guy, bringing chocolates everyday, and then the occasional family gift. He represents all the good about Christmas.

We adopted him the first year we were all together. We needed to make some new traditions for our newly blended family – and I have to say, it was the best thing we did. You need to make new traditions when you blend, and not just try to morph old ones. He has become a unique symbol of our CDF traditions, so I think I’m particularly partial to the little fellow. He is all OURS. We don’t have to share custody of him, or abide by any separation agreements. Or pay him money for that matter. Which makes him all the more adorable.

So Quiet Elfie was added back then and we love him dearly. Even as the kids grow older, they are still jumping up in the morning to find the cool spot that Quiet Elfie has positioned himself for the day.

And let me tell you, this guy is good at finding the spots:

Long live Quiet Elfie!


Quit Knocking "My Elf on a Shelf" — 2 Comments

  1. I love traditions! I grew up with them and I am so happy that some of my family now continue on with some traditions……like Christmas Eve buffet. and yes, I have come to know Elfie and love to see him ‘up there’ wherever he is hidden. Wow! I could go for having chocolates every day!! Love them too much probably but they are sooooooooo good!Love to Elfie!!

    Mom xoxoxo

  2. Ya lots of elf knocking goes on here too…the debate is a hot one.

    I think if my kids were really little (aka under 5 yrs) I would agree that saying he is spying on them would not be my ideal, I never did like the “if you are good-santa will bring you gifts”. But I find if well used and not in a scary way can be alot of fun.

    The thing I hear about elf hiding which is the bigger debate I have heard is that it is overboard. Christamas and X-mas Eve are enough , and that we are indulging our kids with the lead up and spoiling them to feel entitled and too special. a Bit like how people don’t like Advent calendars either.
    That part I don’t get. Loosen up people!

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