I love you more

“I love you more”. Click.

And the phone cuts.

This had become a typical call at bedtime. The boys call when they are at their Dad’s, and sign off is always a fight of who loves who more.

I have always said it to my kids from forever ago.

I always tell them that I love them more than they will ever know. I would sing little songs when they were little about how I love them no mater what. I love them to the moon and back. And beyond. Maybe it was tied into my fave book, “I love you forever”, or little nutbrown hare who competes with his Mommy about who loves who more too.

Somewhere along the way, my boys caught on. And the competition seriously started.

Little notes.

Blackboard notes.

And phone calls with a quick hang up – because if you are the last to say it before hanging up, you win.

I even got a sign. So I think I win – always!!

But Zach sent me the cutest text exchange, that I had to capture.

How could I not love this boy, more?

I love them all more. Maybe they’ll understand when they become parents.


I love you more — 4 Comments

  1. Very sweet text exchange…isn’t texting amazing with tweens? Such a great communication tool.
    Who bought you the sign? Very nice!

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