Monthly Snaps of Life

Here’s a few snaps of our everyday life last month:

Date with Zach at Burger Stomper (Ontario really needs to learn how to make poutine though), Josh reading in bed, I am the winner of the  “I Love You More” debate – I got a sign, Zach and Zandra hanging out doing some drawing,  Sunday Surprise dinner making with Josh

Zach in stripes and Zandra at the Middle School orientation, Sam and Josh reading together in bed, first family dinner with our new dining room table, signing our table to remember forever, cutey note from Josh doing the grandparent letter this week, Josh thinks he will win the “I Love You More” debate by changing the blackboard, Josh doesn’t want to make his bed – so sleeps on top of it, snow snakes before school.

Kids gone for a walk in the Brickworks with Rob, Sam is Yoda with his walking stick, finally our teenager in some winter gear, pretty girl Zandra


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