Certainly an adventure…

A nice peaceful sleep. Everyone seems to have adjusted well with the jet lag except for Josh, who had a hard time at dinner. However, by 8:30, we were still all ready for bed. We set up a light in the bathroom so we would not be woken up. 

The rain started late in the day, and continued through the night. During the night it was pouring and pouring. I couldn’t believe how much it was raining!
Being a light sleeper, the rain kept me a bit awake, and of course I still heard the patter of little feet. In the wee hours of the morning I heard the little guys get up, and I heard Sam talking to Josh. Not wanting them to wake up everyone else, I quickly jumped out of bed to go tell them to BE QUIET!
I hopped out of bed and to my shock and horror, was greeted with ankle deep water. I yelled for Rob ( and everyone else) to get up and move everything off the floor. It took a while for everyone to adjust to what was happening! But, we pulled everything off the floor. Our bedroom, and the living room on one side was completely flooded. Luckily the bure was on a slant because some areas were really dry including where my laptop was. Out of all our electronics, the only things lost were Zach’s phone and his ipod.
The totally, funny, ridiculous thing was when Sam got up to go to the bathroom, he went to get his ipod touch which was immersed in WATER, took it, went back to his room and then told Josh there’s a big puddle then they continued to whisper. Luckily that whispering woke me up!!!
Anyhow, we moved everything to the beds that were not soaked, and called reception. Apparently many rooms were flooded (those closest to the beach), but they would try to find us a warm, dry room.
We packed up everything that we could. Amazingly, on this trip, I had packed and brought a bunch of spare bags. For Christmas, Josh had bought everyone these cute little bags too so I had everyone repack dry things into the bags. The other weird thing is I had brought a jar of peanut butter, and we bought bread the other day. So, we were not hungry. Amazing how things worked out we were prepared for this. Someone was looking out for us.
Our shoes were completely soaked, and our flops which were outside our room were floating around the resort. Rob went out and tried to find some of our flops and was partially successful. Luckily I had brought extra pairs for me because the missing odd flops belonged to me, Zach and Zandra. Zach and I are almost the same size.
They found us a dry room, and we waded through knee deep water with our little hobo bags. Luckily I had my iphone with me and got some fabulous footage! While wading around guess what I found – Zach and Zandra’s odd flops! They were togetherJ We thought that was kinda cute.
Here’s what it all looked like ( I took most with my iPhone so they are a little blurry):

In our new room, everyone unpacked and we divided the dry from the wet. Amazingly, so much was saved; the stuff that got hit the worst were our books and the kids homework!! I’m sure they will dry out, but we certainly will need some new math books when we get home!

We tried to not let it totally ruin our day.  The kids spent hours in the pool which was now outside our room. Rob and I kept busy trying to dry things out and did some laundry.
We had a nice lunch, did a little bit of shopping in the gift shop (which was totally flooded but was still open!) and went to the water slide pool. There, the kids had a good time and met some Aussie girls. It was great hearing them compare life in Canada and life in Australia. They compared accents, how you say things, things at school and home. Rob kept on saying :this is why we travel so they can meet people and talk like this. So true.


As sunset approach, we headed down to the beach. It wasn’t a great sunset, but the lighting was pretty. We took some pictures . I wish I could report it was a magical moment, but it was pretty much me yelling at them to get them to participate in taking pictures. They were more interested in searching for crabs.


We had a nice dinner everyone really feeling much less jet lagged we managed to stay up until 9pm!! I’m good with that early mornings are the best on vacation so I don’t want anyone staying up too late.
Tomorrow is our last day in Fiji!


Certainly an adventure… — 3 Comments

  1. Oh my!!! I felt so sad when I read this post…Fiji was supposed to be relaxing!!! You sound calm thought and ok. That is bad luck-thank goodness not more was ruined.
    I bet the next part of your trip will be adventure free in a good way:) Zandra looks like she has a big sunburn…at least it must be hot and sunny!
    Enjoy the next part of your travels!
    Miss you and love you!

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