In case you wondered…

Just a few travelling tips…

1. If you ever go to a Traditional Maori Hangi feast with 200 other people, and get seated at a table that has cute little candles like this:

Please note that IF you try to be proactive and  get lots of napkins for your 5 kids, and quickly throw them down on the table, and then race back to the buffet line to help your two littlest ones, the napkins MAY just start a fire right there on your table, and when you return to it, it will have spread and you MAY be lucky enough to have a husband who creatively takes off his flip flop and tries to pound it out (successfully of course) before they arrive with water to put it out. By the way,  throwing additional napkins on it in a panic DOES NOT smother the flames.

It also helps if your family has a tremendous sense of humour and think it’s the funniest thing ever.

(If the thought goes through your mind to take a picture – I would suggest you do so, because even if it is not recommended at the time of the fire, it would make for a great picture for your blog).

Just saying.

2. If you decide to try to get a great picture with you right beside a giant sheep, just be careful. The sheep doesn’t really want you getting too close, and they could head butt you which will cause you to be totally surprised and the photo will show that surprise…and be completely unflattering (although the sheep will look perfectly natural like he didn’t just totally head butt you) , but your kids will vote it the best picture of the trip and make you promise to put it on your blog (so you know how it feels to have pictures you may not like of yourself on your blog – and because they think it was a priceless moment).

Just saying.

3. Ostrich hurt when they take food off your hand. Just ask Josh (Take a good look at his face seconds after he has fed an ostrich):

Just saying.

4. Beware of who you leave your baby lamb stuffies with. Some people are loving and will take care of your stuffie and cuddle and love it (keep it warm and protected in their jacket and allow unflattering pictures to be taken):

Others are just mean.

But then they make it up.

Just saying.


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