Sydney Cont’d

I wish I could say our legs weren’t killing after our walking day in Sydney, but they totally were.

City travel is exhausting. City travel with 5 kids…well…it’s exhausting.

But awesome!

We packed up our day bags and headed down to the harbour. There, we caught a ferry to Manly Beach.

What a cute little beach town!

We walked to Shelly Beach and swam there (where the surf was much calmer). We did enjoy watching the hundreds of surfers though – obviously much better equipped to handle the waves! We also watched some surf schools – which looked really cool!

We wandered through some shops, and had a picnic lunch on the beach.

We headed back on the ferry, and then walked through the area called “The Rocks”, where we shopped some more and Zandra was thrilled to get some UGGS.

Back at the hotel, we saw how tuckered out everyone was (the little boys broke out into a fight) so we decided to bring some Pie Face to our hotel room. Rob, Josh and I went to get the food.

When the little boys went to bed, the bigger kids watched a movie, while Rob and I went to the  little pub next door to the hotel join his cousin Scott for a little adult time. It was really nice getting to know someone from Rob’s family a bit better:)

Obviously everywhere we travel we wish we were staying longer, and Sydney is certainly no exception. A beautiful city – one that I certainly hope to return to one day.

We’re headed up north for our last pit stop: The Great Barrier Reef.


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  1. so funny how you call them “the little boys”. I don’t think of Josh in this category!!!! But our baby is always our baby right???

    Pics look great! love that water…
    Great excercise for walking-you guys will be super fit. We would love the surf..we just booked surf lessons in Florida for my own little guys:)))

    Miss you!!! Sorry no Facetime would have been a blast:(((

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