Happy Birthday Zandra B!!

Today Zandra turns 12.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!!

I have known her exactly half her life! It feels good saying that because everyday now I can say she has spent more of her life with our family than without!

12 is also a special year, because in our faith, it’s the year you transition into being a “Young Woman”… which means you get to start attending all the youth activities and they are super fun!!! And, you are growing up….

We are only celebrating her birthday next weekend (her friend party too) since she is at her Mom’s this weekend , but we did get to steal her away for an hour this morning to take her out to breakfast!

She is truly a special girl and I’m so lucky to have her in my life. We were talking the other day about how when someone walks in the room you can feel their energy. Some are like dark clouds and storms, and some are sunnier. I told her she is like the biggest ray of sunshine when she walks into any room. People are drawn to her because of her warmth and radiance.

Here are 12 things I love about this girl:

1. Her HUGE heart. She is so thoughtful, loving and kind.

2. Her amazing hugs and kisses. Zandra’s love language is physical affection. There is nothing better than getting and giving a hug from this girl. I love when she sneaks off to me in the school yard (when it’s not our day she has to do this quickly and sneakily to not upset her Mom) and gives me a huge hug and says she misses me. I miss her so much too and I hope she knows she is always in my thoughts…

3. Her smile and laugh. It is never far! Even if she feels a little grumpy, you can get her to smile:) She loves to laugh and she really does light up a room.

4. Her creativity . You can always count on her to be coming up with a great idea, or making a new craft, or sewing or knitting, or making lipgloss. This girl has serious talent.

5. Her helpfulness. Always offering to help – even when it’s not technically “her” day to help.

6. The tickles and hairstyling she gives. Pure heaven. I’d take her over a spa any day. And I do… I’m so lucky!

7. Her innocence. I love how she is still so pure in heart. She doesn’t do things maliciously. She is surprised when her friends betray her. She tries to make everyone happy and treat everyone fairly. She wouldn’t hurt a flea and trusts everyone around her.

8. Her girliness: She is all sparkles, glitter and nail polish. Loves to dress up, dance and spend girl time. Or loves a good date with her Dad. She is our princess that’s for sure.

9. Her hard work: When she’s stuck on something, she works at it! She puts so much time into projects whether for school or at home. She has learned to become a disciplined student and puts lots of effort in. These traits will carry her far in life.

10. She’s an awesome sister: She really has a special bond with each of her brothers. Whether she is the younger sister who takes advice and is protected, the family twin that shares the secrets, or the adoring and protective older sister who keeps the little boys in line, she is loved.

11. She’s an awesome daughter: Daddy’s girl for sure, and she loves that role almost as much as her Daddy loves her. Their bedtime routine together is hilarious! They even have little bird calls to each other! It’s so amazing to watch and I’m so happy for her to have an example of a true man; a role model of the kind of man we hope will be worthy enough to have her one day (far off:))

Words cannot express the joy I get from this girl! I was so blessed to be placed in the role of Stepmom to her. We are actually proof that nurture and environment play a strong role as we too share so many similarities:)) She is so loved and needed in our home.

12. Her sweet spirit : You know how some people are just “good?”She is one of those people (much like her Dad I might add; just solid “good”) She has the sweetest spirit and it comes out wherever she is. She has a desire to do good, to be good. A desire to love, share, be kind. She loves family, friend, nature, animals and her Heavenly Father. I hope she also always remembers how much she is loved and valued, here and beyond.

Happy Birthday Amazing Sweet Pea!!

So for her birthday celebrations here, she had a little party. It was a spa/sleepover party and the idea was the girls would do their nails and their hair, then watch a movie and have a sleepover.
Their nails partially got done, with a lot of giggling and boy talk.
We then had some pizza and homemade raspberry filled lemon cupcakes, and they watched movies and giggled into the wee hours.
We had nice little family dinner for her too to celebrate:)
Here’s some pics of the celebrations!


Happy Birthday Zandra B!! — 3 Comments

  1. happy bday Zandra!!! what a beautiful post and description of you! As lovely as you are. I totally agree about you lighting up a room when you come in….and I also love your hugs and affection!

    Love Auntie Tarina

  2. Mom and I love your blog. You are becoming a tremendous writer and we love Zandra too. She is just so sweet and so blessed to have you as well as her dad for role models.

    Love from us both


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