Happy 12th Birthday Zach!!

Can it be that my boy turns 12 today?

It hardly feels possible.

Every year, I say THIS is my favourite year. It’s THE best age.

But every year IS the best year. There are no favourites here. It has been a joy to be a part of this boy’s life. A joy to watch him grow. A joy to be his Mamasaurus-Rex, as he often calls me (in an affectionate way, as opposed to an “old way”, I hope).

I get all teary thinking of the day he was born – no, actually, the day I started dreaming about who he would be. If he even was going to be a “he”.  I get all teary thinking about all the amazing memories and moments we have had together over the years. I also get all teary (and a bit panicky) thinking about the future and all the memories to come (panicky because I feel like the days of being “Mamasaurus – Rex” are numbered).

But, for now, I am so excited to celebrate number 12 with him!!

In our faith, 12 is a super important year. It is the transition from boy to young man. I am so proud of him! So proud of who he is now, and the man I know he is becoming.

Here are 12 things I love about this boy:

1. He is incredibly funny

2. He is a great reasoner, negotiator, arguer. He runs the children’s advocacy/law firm in our house. We often go up against him. But he doesn’t win always. HA. (Where did you think you get these super skills from little boy??)

3. He is a hard worker – whether it be in school, or in sports, or in any project he wants to do

4. He is very responsible and very committed

5. He is fiercely loyal and trustworthy

6. He is our gatherer – I know he’ll be planning our family reunions when I am old and grey

7. He is a smartie. Sports, trivia, weird facts. His goal is to be smarter than Rob:)

8. He is affectionate. Great hugger. Sucker for back tickles (have NO idea where that came from)

9. He is a great big brother (including to Reggie!)

10. He is very creative

11. He is a great soccer player – and holds his own in other sports too

12. He is sensitive, compassionate and emotional.

We celebrated with his friends a few weeks ago (before school let out and everyone was off on vacation). He requested I make the same ice cream cake I make every year (though we all agreed this was the best one yet). Rob decorated it with the ROMA AS symbol (his fave soccer team – have I mentioned he is nuts about soccer??)

We then squeezed in some celebration before he left for a camping trip with his Dad on his actual birthday (this morning):

I picked him up from architecture camp early yesterday and we spent the afternoon shopping. He decided this was the best way to pick birthday gifts! We first stopped for some cupcakes:) Then bought him some Vans (his main gift). We headed over to the mall to the bookstore, where we got a globe and a book.

That night, we celebrated – believe it or not – at a hotdog stand and chip truck. They started making poutine at this stand and Zach and I are poutine crazy, so we had to try it. It was OK for Toronto standards, but no where near the real deal. We followed it all up with some gelato from the local gelateria (and it measures up to the many gelatos I have had in Italy!)

This morning we had a quick breakfast, opened a few more gifts and off he went with his Dad. It felt totally rushed but regardless, I say we squeezed in some good celebrations!!

Happy Birthday Zach!!!
Love you more than you will even know!


Happy 12th Birthday Zach!! — 10 Comments

  1. Is that where you live? Canada? I thought so but didn’t know. Toronto is a favorite of mine. I spent time there in a hostel when I was 16. It overlooked the CN Tower. And of course, poutine!!! Happy Birthday to the handsome Zach! You will always be his Mamasaurus Rex. 12 is so big but…so much to celebrate and so much more to come.

  2. Yes, I’m in Toronto. A beautiful city with great views from the CN tower! But for poutine, you need to go to Montreal, which is where I was born and raised and lived until I was 27. Not too far for you!

  3. Gracious, Y’all have a lot of summer birthdays! I feel like you are having another one every time I pop over. Our spring will be like that… four in a month and a half, although only 3 actual days because two are twins!

    Our children seem to grow so fast!

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