CDF Tennis Tournament 2013 in Williamsburg

One of my first dates with Rob was playing tennis. Date number 4 to be exact:) One day I’ll have to write the story of how I met Rob and our fabulous courtship.

I told Rob I could play tennis. 
And technically, I can play – just not very well. Although this year, I got serious and went to a week long tennis clinic (in the evenings). It was awesome and improved my game (or so I thought).
I needed to improve my game because my kids have all become good little players, and being competitive, I can’t have them always beat me.
Last year Rob introduced “The CDF Tennis Tournament.” He takes these things pretty seriously, as do all the kids. 
He even went and had our own “CDF Open” trophy made.
Like I said, serious business.
We decided to have the tournament every summer on one of our summer vacations. The kids have really taken to this and there is a lot of talk in the weeks leading up over who will win the CDF cup.
Last year, it was Gabe and Zach (you can read about it here). They were the team to beat  (or so they thought)!

This year, the winners were Rob and Josh.
It was a very close game against Zach and Gabe in the finals.
Zandra, Sam and I were taken out early on, but a valiant effort by all!

The teams (and the CDF Open trophy)
The warm-up

The matches

The Champions

Next year, I will beat them all.

And I mean this in the most motherly, loving way possible (of course).


CDF Tennis Tournament 2013 in Williamsburg — 15 Comments

  1. Leah, you had me giggling at the end and I know what you mean about it being motherly, but so wanting to beat them. Looked like a ton of fun though and love that you all do this as a family!!

  2. A sporty guy that Josh is eh?

    Looks fun and great idea! Had no idea when my boys went to tennis camp with yours they were among pros!

    Like your action shot too(love this new side of you!!!)

    Tell Zandra tennis clothes a great look for her..she looks super.

    Back to school today for Emma and she got best teacher and all her buddies:)) Has been so crazy busy have had no time to blog.(or breathe) But always make time for your blog:))))

    which day do you come home?

  3. Oh yeah, it’s in the bag for you next year. I love that Rob created something so cool for the family. And I’d love to read your courtship story one day. I wrote a 20 part story about how I met my husband. If you ever have a spare few hours! Who does?!

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