After exploring Williamsburg, and shopping until none of us could stand it anymore, we headed to Jamestown.

I think we actually preferred this area. It was so pretty to drive to, and we loved being able to walk around by the water. We took a “Living History Tour”, which was pretty neat to learn about what it was like for the first English settlers. The kids also participated in a scavenger hunt, where they could win a prize after finding all the clues. Since my kids are totally motivated by any kind of prize, they completed the hunt in no time. One of the best parts about having so many siblings is how fun it is to compete  do things together!

Here are a few pictures of our Jamestown adventure:

Don’t you love Zach’s shirt? Good Hates Best. That can be our quote of the week:)

After touring Jamestown, we headed to the pool and then out for dinner. We were all pooped because we had gotten up early that morning to participate in our annual CDF tennis tournament. More on that to come…. All in all, another great day!


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  1. Love all the pics! Sounds like you guys are having a fantastic vacation. And as for the people saying “good job” on your run, I love that reminder that we really have the power to positively or negatively effect the kind of day others, even strangers, are having. I definitely want to be a positive influence on others. Thanks for the reminder that my own behavior effects others more than I might realize!

  2. and good for you re the running even when on holidays….I always admire people who on vacation still mange to stay healthy and in routine with fitness and nutrition .
    Makes me more motivated for next weeks back to the gym routine..if you can do it on vacation then surely I can do it during the school year right?
    That is also so cool Zach runs too..

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