5K – Yay us!

Last year I participated in a 5K for a very worthy cause that is dear to my heart, brain injury. It was the 2nd annual BIST (Brain Injury Society of Toronto) run.

It was a good race; I got it done, but I hadn’t really trained for it and so I ended up walking a chunk of it. I vowed that next year I would be prepared and I would run it all.

This year I tried to enlist some of my favourite boys and two (Rob and Zach) decided to join me on the 3rd Annual Bist Runย 

We got our butts up and out during the summer ย – even on vacation – ย to train.

I can’t tell you that running is easy for me. It is SO not easy. But I felt like I needed to know I could do it.

Zach also joined the school Cross Country Team so was a trooper when he would get up early to run with me (well, ahead of me), have to run for Cross Country, and then run in gym class! Top that off with a soccer game in the evenings and he was pooped!

The morning of the run, we woke up to pouring rain:(

Honestly, Rob and I would have rolled over and gone back to sleep. But Zach, for days, had been saying things like, “I can’t wait for the 5K this weekend” or “Are you excited to run the 5K Mom?” or “How fast are you going to run it Mom?”

Obviously, we were going.

Zach was at his Dad’s, so we planned to meet him there. Things weren’t looking so hot when 45 minutes before the race his Dad called to say that the highway was closed and they were stuck in the traffic on the side roads. I knew Zach would be so disappointed if he couldn’t run.

Enter the power of prayer.

He showed up with enough time for a few pictures.

I reminded him it was “You vs You”. He reminded me it was “You vs. You vs. The Rest of the World”.

We took off. It was raining. There were serious puddles. I saw Zach run off and step into some major puddles. Of course, I yelled out, “Watch the puddles, Sweetie”! (What? Should I not be yelling that out to a 12 year old at a race??)

Anyhow, Rob and I kept a steady pace. Luckily (this sounds awful, but I mean it in the kindest way), Rob’s knee was hurting (knee injury that has never fully recovered) and he stayed with me. In fact, (this is more awful), I took advantage of his injury and pulled out in the last kilometre so I could beat him (but I held his jacket for him….).

I finished! I ran the whole way! I was so proud of myself. I was so proud of Robbie and his bum knee.

And I was totally super duper proud of my little guy who finished at 26:01 and was waiting for me at the finish line! The pictures were scarce as Josh was given the task of holding my phone and taking our pictures, but unfortunately he LOST my phone and so his Dad did the picture taking at the last second (we did find my phone, luckily…)

It was Zach’s first 5K (and really mine too), so we took the advice from Allie over at VitaTrain4Lifeย (Love that girl! Such a inspiration!) and recorded our times on our bibs and will keep them to mark our first 5Ks!

Yay us!


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  1. This is awesome and totally yay for you guys!! You did awesome and seriously I am so not a runner either, so it would take a lot of coaching and convincing to get me to do a 5k. Definitely something though you all should be proud of!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yay for all of you!! Congratulations! My youngest is running xc this year and is loving it! And I am too…I’ve been hoping one of my kids would become a runner, since that was my sport. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love all your pictures!!

  3. HOORAY!!!!! I’m bursting with pride and excitement as if I’m a family member!! I want to hug you guys and give you all high fives!!! That is just fantastic – AND in the pouring rain! SO great! Until my boys can run with me I will live vicariously through you!!! Thanks so much for the shout out. You are all amazing!

  4. Congratulations to all of you!!! That is AMAZING!!! You didn’t even let a downpour stop you! Whoo Hoo!! WAY TO GO!!! I specialize in cheerleading while others run. I would have held a sign for you and sounded my cow bell when you crossed the line!! YAY!!!! –Lisa

  5. WooHoo – y’all totally rock!!! Running in the rain even!!! You need to always refer to yourself as a runner – you run (in the rain even)!!!
    So cool that your husband and Zach ran! And I still love the way Zach says that quote – you vs you vs the rest of the world!!

  6. Yeah!! Congratulations! Awesome job and how wonderful to be inspirational and inspired by your family as well as your own goals. And I love that blurry action shot running! Looks like artwork ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Congrats for all achieving this huge accomplishment! You all look like runners…and you all ARE.

    I admire people who run…I can barely run to the end of my street *PS reminder that we have 6 houses on that street)

    Very proud especially of Zach…he has such a vision..really admire that kid!

  8. Congrats! What an amazing accomplishment for you & your family. I can’t wait to run a 5K with my daughters!! I get so excited when my oldest runs 1-mile races, and I can’t wait for the day she’s kicking my tail in the 5K!

  9. Yay you! Especially for keeping at it in the pouring rain. I do not like to run in rain at all but have also done some races in downpours – and am always glad I have. And I loved Allie’s idea too. I think I will start to do the same.

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